June 17, 2002
In the next two or three days, the layout of this site will be totally changed and the content of the site will nearly triple in size with the addition of information concerning Jak's non-musical projects. This time, Jak and I will be working together on the layout, drawing from source photographs taken by Brandon Zeringue. Look for this massive change in a couple of days.

June 6, 2002
There's now a Yahoo! Group for Jak's friends and fans of his music.

June 4, 2002
Jak's putting out "Bloom", the follow-up to "Seed"! It's a 19 song album of antifolk and blues and will be available at shows on CD and cassette (and will also be left in random spots around New Orleans, maybe you've found one!)

May 24, 2002
Jak will once again be playing a set at The Neutral Ground Coffeehouse in New Orleans on Wednesday, June 19 at 10:00 pm following the open microphone poetry readings.

May 14, 2002
Jak is appearing in two locally-produced independent films that are in the works! In "Nads," directed by Andy Elliot, Jak plays a stoner named "Don", and in "Jay and Vanessa," directed by Vance Barker, Jak is one-third of a Greek chorus-style trio commenting about the main characters.

April 29, 2002
Here it is, Jak's newest album is now available on CD! It's called "Prismatic Static" and has been in the works since January and it's big stoned loud rock and antifolk. Catch a show to take it home with you!

April 22, 2002
Jak will be playing a solo set at the Neutral Ground on May 22 at 10:00pm, so make plans to be there to hear his latest collection of songs.

April 3, 2002
Be at The Final Round in Metairie on May 24 to catch The One-Eyed Jacks' show with opening band Gossamer! There will be a $3.00 cover charge, so you've got time to start saving up for it now.

April 1, 2002
The new website layout is here, as well as our new location at tripod.com! I hope you enjoy the new look. Jak and The One-Eyed Jacks have a slew of shows approaching in May, June and July, and many more will be added before those months are through. Soon, the random collection of lo-fi MP3s on the Media page will be replaced with higher quality clips of all of Jak's releases. And speaking of that, there's some new releases coming in the next few weeks for you all! In the meantime, it will probably take about a day or so for all the information to be transferred from the old site to this one, so be patient.