::::: 10.17.02 One-Eyed Jacks Show At Zeppelin's, One-Eyed Jacks Swansong :::::
The One-Eyed Jacks will be playing a show this Saturday at Zeppelin's in Metairie. It will be one of the last shows for the Jacks so do not miss it!

::::: 10.16.02 New Demo :::::
Blam, new 14 song demo, just like that. Get "Laced" at a show, like the one tomorrow!

::::: 10.12.02 New Pictures :::::
Some new pictures have been added to the SCANS page.

::::: 09.30.02 One-Eyed Jacks October 5 Show At Idols :::::
The Jacks are back in action at Idols in Metairie, LA at 10:00pm on October 5th with Misled, replacing the cancelled Tour De Cure spot.

::::: 09.27.02 Discography Page :::::
A new and very detailed discography page has been completed and posted where MERCH used to be. The menubar will be updated sometime in the next couple of days to reflect the change. In the meantime, click on MERCH and check out what's new!

::::: 09.22.02 MS Tour De Cure Show Cancelled :::::
Due to one of the members' unforeseen circumstances, The One-Eyed Jacks will not be playing for the Multiple Sclerosis Tour De Cure event in McComb, Mississippi that was scheduled for October 5.

::::: 09.19.02 Wizerk Dot Com Interview Feature Coming In December :::::
Wizerk Dot Com will be interviewing Jak about his solo music for a feature that will be posted on their site in December. I'll let you know as things develop with that.

::::: 09.15.02 Sep. 21 One-Eyed Jacks Show, New Pix :::::
The One-Eyed Jacks will be playing at Zeppelin's on Saturday, September 21, opening with Surface for Nebulous. A few new studio and promotional shots have been added so go see them at SCANS.

::::: 09.07.02 Oct. 17 Neutral Ground Show :::::
Jak will be playing a solo set at The Neutral Ground in New Orleans on Thursday, October 17 at 9:00pm.

::::: 09.01.02 The Dead Outlaws Website :::::
Jak's new band, The Dead Outlaws, now has a website up and running. I worked hard on integrating the old Jacks layout with some updating of the site as well as the complete alteration of the content for the Outlaws, so make my work feel worthwhile and go check it out!

::::: 08.30.02 New Album In The Works, New Band :::::
Jak has been working on another new album apart from "Ecstasy & Agony" over the past few months at Shane Padilla's Dead Woman Studios. Read all about it on the MERCH page. Jak has begun to form a new band, The Dead Outlaws. Don't worry One-Eyed Jacks fans, Jak will still be playing with the Jacks in the meantime.

::::: 08.18.02 MP3, New Color Scheme :::::
In MEDIA you'll find an MP3 of Louis Gardner's version of Jak's instrumental blues song, "Gallows (On My Mind)". Due to bandwidth of the hosting site, it can only be heard by a small number of people a day, so don't be surprised if you can't access it. The Music section has been given a new color scheme, hope you enjoy it.

::::: 08.02.02 Pictures Added, More On New Album :::::
Two pictures from the June 21 show at Zeppelin's, one new picture from the July 3 show at Neutral Ground, one picture from the July 13 show at Checkpoint Charlie, and an older promotional shot from May featuring Brandon and Jak have been added to the SCANS page. On the MERCH page, read about the new album mentioned last time, now with a working title "Ecstasy & Agony", being recorded as you read this!

::::: 07.23.02 Jak In Studio! Again! :::::
Jak will be at Floyd's Place Studio in Terrytown tomorrow recording base tracks for a new album! Among the potential selections are songs like "Behemoth", "Oklahoma Plain" and "Raining Song".

::::: 07.21.02 Site Streamlined :::::
All of the useless links have been taken away and the menubar graphics have been altered to a solid blue (as you can see.) Also, you may have noticed that the site is a bit more consistent, after a few weeks of chaotic multiple layouts between the pages.

::::: 07.20.02 Bandwidth Problems Solved (Sort Of), DWS Album :::::
As some of you may have noticed, this site was down earlier today for a couple of hours due to the really pathetic bandwidth availability (this is the price of free hosting). So what I've done is move most of the image files to the old host site so this one won't crap out anymore. What does this mean to you? It means that from now on if there are more bandwidth problems, you can still come to the site; you just won't be able to see the pictures for a while if too many people have viewed them in too short a span of time. While I'm rattling on about boring website things, I may as well add that I'm planning on changing the menus on the sites a bit to be rid of some of the more useless menu items (such as the FORUM on the MUSIC section, which is already available on the first page of the whole site.) OH YEAH, and there's a new demo album in town! The Renovated Enervated is a collection of old and new songs I've been recording at Shane Padilla's Dead Woman Studios and it's going to be available at shows until I run out!

::::: 07.19.02 Three Pictures Added :::::
Three pictures from Jak's July 17 performance at the Neutral Ground are now available on the SCANS page for viewing.

::::: 07.12.02 Neutral Ground Show August 9 :::::
Jak has been asked back to The Neutral Ground Coffeehouse in New Orleans for an 11pm show on Friday, August 9.

::::: 07.05.02 Ten Studio Pictures Added :::::
About ten pictures have been added to the SCANS page under the new heading "Studio Shots", displaying various recording sessions and setups used over the years for a few of Jak's albums.

::::: 06.28.02 Intrasite Icons Added :::::
Icons linking to the four main subjects of the site have been added to the left border, making it easier to navigate this site.

::::: 06.26.02 SCANS Page Fixed :::::
New pictures have been added to the Scans pages, and all pictures should show up now. Thanks for the patience.

::::: 06.25.02 Final Round Shuts Down :::::
The Final Round has been closed, so all upcoming shows at The Final Round for Jak's band, The One-Eyed Jacks, have been cancelled.

::::: 06.23.02 Web Ring And Banner Exchange Page :::::
Accessible from all the Surf and Links pages on all four site components is a page of web rings and banner exchanges that this site belongs to. Go check it out!

::::: 06.22.02 Jay Glicksman's Folk Music Page :::::
Check out Jay Glicksman's Folk Music Home Page, accessible from the Surf link, for a vast list of hundreds and hundreds of folk musicians, venues, concerts, lyrics, chords, festivals and nearly anything else that has anything at all to do with folk music.

::::: 06.18.02 New Layout Completed :::::
The new layout and graphics have been uploaded to the site and the content is being added one page at a time. All content should be uploaded by June 20, so keep coming back as the information is added.