>>>>>03.11.03 Neutral Ground Show On Thursday, April 10<<<<<
Get ready, Jak will be playing an acoustic set at the Neutral Ground in New Orleans on Thursday, April 10 at 8:00pm with some of his backing band. More details on the show are on the front page.

>>>>>02.10.03 New Forum<<<<<
The new forum is up and running! I think you'll find that it's a vast improvement over the old message board.

>>>>>02.05.03 New Release! And Another Release In The Works For March /April<<<<<
The companion to All Our Sunlight Scattered is now available! "Already Fading On Some Horizon" is a 12 song CD of very similar genre and the two will be sold together from now on. While those albums are getting burned, Jak's already working on the next album! It will probably be a cassette release and will definitely be a lot more raucous, but more details when there's more to detail.

>>>>>12.20.02 High Quality MP3s Available!<<<<<
Go to www.mp3.com/Jak_Locke to stream song clips from Jak's new release, All Our Sunlight Scattered. Finally, you can hear these things and they won't sound like they're coming through a telephone!

>>>>>12.16.02 "All Our Sunlight Scattered" Released!<<<<<
Finally! After one last name change, "All Our Sunlight Scattered" (formerly "Broke-Down-Town") is finished and ready to go. Pick a copy up at the next show!

>>>>>12.13.02 Show Pics<<<<<
Pictures from The One-Eyed Jacks final set should be coming real soon to the Scans page.

>>>>>12.09.02 One-Eyed Jacks Disbanded<<<<<
The One-Eyed Jacks played their rockin' final show at Zeppelin's last Saturday and a live collection of all the songs from their set will be up tonight on MP3.com!