>>>>>02.29.04 New Merch Store<<<<<
On the Swag page you'll find "RGB", a new design for the merchandise currently on sale at cafepress.com.

>>>>>02.26.04 Two More Shows<<<<<
The Iron Horse Saloon will be host to another evening with Jak and the band on March 13. On April 2, catch the band at Checkpoint Charlie at midnight.

>>>>>02.20.04 Show At Tipitina's<<<<<
Jak and the gang will be playing at Tipitina's on Tuesday, March 2.

>>>>>02.13.04 New Menubar Links<<<<<
Returning visitors will notice that the menubar has a couple of new choices, "MP3s" and "FoRuM".

>>>>>02.09.04 Rotolo's Show Rescheduled<<<<<
The cancelled Rotolo's show from 2/7 has been rescheduled to 2/28.

>>>>>02.06.04 Rotolo's Show Cancelled<<<<<
The Rotolo's show tomorrow night (02.07) has been cancelled. It will be rescheduled soon and the new date will be posted as soon as it's booked.

>>>>>01.30.04 MP3 Clips From Albums<<<<<
On the WAX page you'll find that two releases, Yellow Light District and Junk Worship, now have 25-second MP3 clips available for listening.

>>>>>01.17.04 Feb. 21 Show<<<<<
Jak and the band will be playing again at Iron Horse Saloon on Feb. 21.

>>>>>01.12.04 A Better OPS Page<<<<<
The OPS page has undergone a vast improvement. Check it out!

>>>>>01.04.04 Hammerhead's Show Moved<<<<<
Due to an unforeseen change, Jak's show at Hammerhead's has been pushed from Jan. 31 to Feb. 14.

>>>>>12.08.03 And ANOTHER New Show!<<<<<
February 7, Jak and his crew return to the Rotolo's stage in Baton Rouge.

>>>>>12.06.03 Two New Shows<<<<<
Following the Checkpoint's show on January 2 are two more shows: Iron Horse Saloon in Gretna, LA on January 10 and Hammerhead's in Metairie, LA on January 31.

>>>>>12.04.03 The Dead Outlaws New Demo Released<<<<<
Jak's metal project The Dead Outlaws just put out a new demo of six songs! It's available at all of Jak's shows.

>>>>>12.02.03 First Show Of 2004<<<<<
Jak and his band will be playing on January 2 at midnight at Checkpoint Charlie.

>>>>>11.30.03 Merchandise!<<<<<
The Swag page (powered by cafepress.com) is now up and running for business.

>>>>>10.24.03 New URL (Again)<<<<<
Jak's new digs on the web are now http://jack.worlord.com. This should be the last change for a good while.

>>>>>10.15.03 Two More Shows, Yellow Light District Released<<<<<
Jak and company play this Saturday (10/18) at Gentleman Jack's in Houma and next Saturday (10/25) at the Iron Horse Saloon in Gretna. Don't miss them! Especially since you'll be able to pick up the new album, "Yellow Light District" for five bucks at them! This has a lot of tracks that the band plays at shows so if you like the shows, you'll like the album too!

>>>>>09.23.03 Another Checkpoint's Show<<<<<
Jak and the gang return to Checkpoint Charlie on November 7.

>>>>>09.21.03 Yesterday's Show Cancelled<<<<<
Jak's show yesterday for the Festival Matrix Artis was cancelled due to delays in the program.

>>>>>09.12.03 Junk Worship Released<<<<<
In the works for over a year, it's finally done! The experimental album Junk Worship is now available for sale at shows beginning today!

>>>>>09.11.03 Baton Rouge Show<<<<<
Jak and the band will be playing at Rotolo's in Baton Rouge on October 4. Details below.

>>>>>09.10.03 FMA Show One Set Shorter<<<<<
The original schedule for the Festival Matrix Artis show (two sets, one acoustic, one electric) has been changed due to additions to the lineup of bands. Jak and the band will now be playing one set at 5:00pm.

>>>>>09.09.03 New Site<<<<<
Since the old site began resembling an online billboard of sorts, this site has been moved to its new location at gexus.com. Update your links. Some pages are less than complete at the moment though you should be able to find everything you're looking for. And in case you didn't notice, the site has a new look.