>>>>>06.10.04 New MP3<<<<<
"Cellophane Atmosphere", one of Jak's newest songs, is up for streaming on the Wax page.

>>>>>06.04.04 New Merchandise<<<<<
Check out the Swag page--there's a new store of merchandise up now.

>>>>>06.01.04 Updated Layout<<<<<
The top bar has been changed. Obviously.

>>>>>05.31.04 Two MP3s From The Final "And His Band" Show<<<<<
"Chemical Soul" and Jak's extended solo version of "I'm Feeling Generic", both from the last show of Jak with his 2003-2004 backing band at Rotolo's on May 29, are featured on the MP3s link from the Wax page for a limited time.

>>>>>05.29.04 The Final "Jak Locke And His Band" Show Tonight<<<<<
The unofficially titled "2003-2004 Bar Assault" 'not-even-close-to-a-tour' begun on June 21, 2003 culminates tonight at Rotolo's!

>>>>>05.27.04 Maple Leaf Cancelled<<<<<
Jak's June 20 solo spot at the Maple Leaf Bar has been cancelled.

>>>>>05.20.04 More Lyrics<<<<<
Previously, only lyrics from the album releases were available on the site. Now all songs that have been hosted here as MP3s or have been played at shows are listed on the Wax page. Enjoy.

>>>>>05.19.04 Songs For Cello At Night MP3 Clips<<<<<
Clips from Songs For Cello At Night are now up on the Wax page.

>>>>>05.17.04 Songs For Cello At Night Outtake MP3<<<<<
"Flutter", an unused song from the Songs For Cello At Night recording sessions, is available for streaming/downloading on the Wax page's MP3 section.

>>>>>05.16.04 Songs For Cello At Night Released<<<<<
Jak's latest release Songs For Cello At Night is now available for purchase at shows and from this website!

>>>>>05.15.04 Show At Gerry's Place, Indian Creek<<<<<
Jak and his band have two new shows on May 22 at Gerry's Place and July 17 at Indian Creek.

>>>>>05.10.04 Album Lyrics Up<<<<<
Lyrics from the songs on Jak's latest releases are now up on the Wax page.

>>>>>05.06.04 Nine Days And Counting<<<<<
Jak's third album Songs For Cello At Night is finished and will be released on May 15!

>>>>>05.01.04 Last Minute Booking<<<<<
This coming Saturday, May 8, Jak and the band will be playing a full show at Gerry's Place in Gretna.

>>>>>04.28.04 Total Inertia MP3<<<<<
A new MP3, "Total Inertia" is on the Wax page, replacing Junk Worship's "Suckin Down Dust".

>>>>>04.27.04 Dixie Taverne Show Date Changed<<<<<
Jak's show at the Dixie Taverne has been moved from May 5 to Tuesday, May 18.

>>>>>04.23.04 More Shows<<<<<
Jak and his band will be playing April 30 at Gerry's Place and May 29 at Rotolo's.

>>>>>04.22.04 Songs For Cello At Night, Untitled Album Coming - New Show<<<<<
Two new releases are in the works! Read all about it on the Wax page. Also, Jak and his band will be playing at Dixie Taverne on May 5.

>>>>>04.07.04 Checkpoint Charlie V8.0<<<<<
Checkpoint's in the quarter will have Jak headlining once again on May 21.

>>>>>04.01.04 New Shows<<<<<
Jak and the band will be hitting Rotolo's once again on April 17. Jak also has a tentative solo acoustic spot at the Maple Leaf on June 20.

>>>>>03.07.04 Iron Horse Show March 13 Cancelled<<<<<
March 13's Iron Horse show has been cancelled.

>>>>>03.03.04 Backing Band Page, Pictures, Rotolo's Show<<<<<
There is now a full page on the current and previous members of Jak's backing band accessible from the LIVE page. Oh, and more pictures have been added. And there's another show at Rotolo's on March 19.