>>>>>04.18.06 Shows - The Secret Hideout, Govt. St. Grocery, Jay's Bubbletea and Neutral Ground<<<<<
June 10th catch Jak playing acoustic at The Secret Hideout, a house venue in Thibodaux. Make sure you read the rules of attendance if you plan on making it. No cover charge and a very comfortable environment, sort of like someone's living room--because that's what it is. On July 1st, Jak rocks with good friends Ko-Lija at the Government Street Grocery, a nightclub in downtown Ocean Springs, MS. July 15th you can catch Jak for an acoustic half hour at Jay's Bubbletea on Adams and Maple in uptown New Orleans after seeing his Neutral Ground set at 7pm on the previous day, July 14th.

>>>>>04.02.06 Show At The Julep Room<<<<<
Acoustic shows aren't just for the Neutral Ground anymore. Jak will be at Ocean Springs, MS's Julep Room on May 5. If it was a good enough place for Elvis and his girlfriend in the 50's, it's a good enough place for you in 2006. True story.

>>>>>03.23.06 The Garage In May<<<<<
Jak Locke contributes his noise once again to The Garage on May 26th. Contribute five bucks to the door and you can check it out.

>>>>>03.09.06 Another Show In Mississippi<<<<<
Jak Locke and new friends Ko-Lija hit Ocean Springs at the Blvd Martini Bar on May 20th!

>>>>>03.07.06 Neutral Ground Show On 4/14<<<<<
Jak and the guys hit their monthly acoustic set at the Neutral Ground at 7pm on Friday April 14th followed by Jack Neilson, Pat Flory and John Parker.

>>>>>02.26.06 First Out-Of-State Show Since September<<<<<
And this time it's not because of a hurricane. Jak and the band will be at Magic Moments Bar in Pascagoula, MS on April 8th with local MS rockers Ko-Lija!

>>>>>02.20.06 Neutral Ground Show On 3/17<<<<<
Once again, Jak and accompaniment precede Kelcy Mae with an acoustic set at the Neutral Ground on March 17th at 7pm.

>>>>>02.17.06 Jak & Kelcy Mae To Collaborate<<<<<
Upcoming are collaborative efforts with Jak and local north Louisiana musician Kelcy Mae.

>>>>>02.13.06 Back At Marlene's Place On 4/1<<<<<
Marlene's Place is back--catch Jak there on April Fool's Day. As usual, other acts will be posted once they've been determined.

>>>>>02.12.06 Benefit At The Garage On 3/24<<<<<
Jak's been invited to perform by Wisdom's Folly for a cancer benefit at The Garage on March 24th. Other bands will be announced once they're known.

>>>>>01.19.06 Neutral Ground In February<<<<<
February 17th at 7:00pm Jak's back at the Neutral Ground followed by local songstress Kelcy Mae.

>>>>>01.17.06 Checkpoint Charlie Show On March 11<<<<<
Jak makes a racket at Checkpoint Charlie for the first time in nine months on Saturday March 11th from 10 til 2. Zero cover charge so it shouldn't take too long to save up for the door cost.

>>>>>01.10.06 Jak's 50th Appearance At The Neutral Ground<<<<<
Jak and his krewe play a kinder, gentler set at the freshly reopened Neutral Ground on Thursday January 19th at 7:00pm. Stick around afterward as well to catch 2005 backing band alum Rory Callais's set at 8:00pm too.

>>>>>01.09.06 March 3 Show At The Garage<<<<<
Mark March 3rd on your calendar since that's Jak's fourth show at The Garage in Houma. Mark it now!

>>>>>01.01.06 Happy New Year!<<<<<
Happy new year!

>>>>>12.15.05 "New On The Site"<<<<<
Since it seems to be a lot to ask for people to check every page of the site with each visit, there's now a "New On The Site" section right below the "Latest Updates" on the main page so you won't miss anything. You're welcome!

>>>>>12.13.05 95.7's Bender Asks Jak If He's High<<<<<
This afternoon at 5:10pm, Bayou 95.7FM played Jak's cover of "Helter Skelter" after Bender and Jak shot the bull for a bit. If you missed it, a transcript will be up on the new (old) Press page coming soon! Also if you're a musician looking for a performing band, there's something you should read at the bottom of the main page. Scroll it down!

>>>>>12.09.05 Jak Makes Noise in New Orleans Again<<<<<
Hungover Outlaws has been nice enough to include Jak on the bill for this coming Monday night at the Circle Bar in New Orleans. Thanks Clint, Derek, et al!

>>>>>12.08.05 Gulfcoastbands.com Page Up With A Live Video<<<<<
Jak's the fourth artist to sign up on Gulfcoastbands.com which means...he's the fourth artist to sign up on Gulfcoastbands.com. Check it out and catch an exclusive live video of "Tinfoil". Shot with a small digital camera so don't expect 10 o clock news video quality or anything. Or even Jimmy's 7th birthday party video quality, really. There's also a new Jak Locke listing on Musicfreedom.com. Exclusive, uh, pictures up there.

>>>>>11.29.05 The Garage Part III<<<<<
Jak's back at The Garage in Houma again on January 27th! The night's other acts will be announced when they're known of.

>>>>>11.20.05 Samples From Battery Acid Up<<<<<
Get to them from the marquee on the main page or the Wax page!

>>>>>11.18.05 Battery Acid Coming Next Week<<<<<
Battery Acid, Jak's newest release comes out on November 25th! Tuesday releases are for rich people. Here's a look at the track list:
Blind Kill The Deaf
Color Coordinated
Goodbye Sister Janus
Wrecking Ball
Raining Song
Black Rainbow
Thrift Store Reject
Good Luck
Upstream Downstream
Molotov Cocktail
Uptown Siren

>>>>>11.07.05 And Another Show!<<<<<
Jak returns to The Garage in Houma on December 3rd with new friends "Johnny On Coke" and another band TBA.

>>>>>11.06.05 Radio Stuff<<<<<
If you're in the Thibodaux area, tune in to KNSU 91.5 FM next Tuesday (11/15) between 4:20p and 6:00p to catch DJ Troll's show for the debut of a track from Jak's upcoming release. (No, thank YOU Katie!)

>>>>>10.30.05 Believe It Or Not, A Show<<<<<
Jak and his band will be playing a show in Houma on Saturday, November 5 at The Garage, a brand new club. Check out the LIVE page for more details, as usual.

>>>>>09.22.05 Broken Crescent Release<<<<<
For a limited time, you'll be able to stream Broken Crescent, Jak's raw new ultra-experimental release, from the Wax page of this site! This is an INTERNET ONLY RELEASE and, once again, will only be up for a LIMITED TIME. Consider it an "in the meantime" collection as the tracks on the next album proper are in recording.

>>>>>09.16.05 Album Jukeboxes<<<<<
No more waiting around for the album MP3 clips to stream in Windows Media Player. Now you can wait around for them to stream in the new Flash players. Full-length MP3s are still accessible the old fashioned way though.

>>>>>09.15.05 Full-Length MP3s Again (Finally)<<<<<
Full-length MP3s are once again available on the WAX page!

>>>>>09.06.05 Orange Show Show<<<<<
The Fair Grinds / FSJNA is putting on a Houston Refugee Event at the Orange Show Center For Visionary Art this Friday from 5pm to 8pm. Jak's going to be playing an acoustic set at 7pm on one of the amphitheatres with Avant Gardner (bassist from many of the '03 - '04 Bar Assault "Tour" shows) on improvised drums.

>>>>>09.01.05 Sometimes Hurricanes Happen<<<<<
Hurricane + New Orleans = no shows. Obviously. For possibly quite a while. If you're from the area, let me know you're all right--email jaklok89@yahoo.com.

>>>>>08.22.05 Jak In The Quarter<<<<<
Catch Jak and the gang at Melvin's Bar on St. Claude and Frenchman, September 9th!

>>>>>08.21.05 Marlene's Place Show<<<<<
Jak will be at Marlene's Place on September 30th, barring any eleventh-hour changes.

>>>>>08.14.05 September 9th Cancelled<<<<<
Confusion on slot availability happens sometimes.

>>>>>08.13.05 "World" Merchandise Back!<<<<<
The "World" design has returned. Click on the "World" link under the Merchandise heading on the main page.

>>>>>08.11.05 Return To Marlene's Place<<<<<
Jak brings the noise back to Tchoupitoulas on September 9th. Other acts TBA.

>>>>>08.08.05 Myspace Xtras, "Logo" Merchandise<<<<<
Jak's Myspace page is up, complete with two songs from the upcoming fifth album ("Good Luck" and "Color Coordinated"), the completely redone "Molotov Cocktail", and "Deuce Of Swords" from Brother Sisyphus. Two of the four are even in 128kbps encoding. There's also a new Cafepress online store up--check it out under the "Merchandise" headline on the main page.

>>>>>07.26.05 Twi Ro Pa Show<<<<<
Catch Jak's rock show at Twi Ro Pa on August 18th at 9pm, opening for "Biirdie" with "Love And Stereo".

>>>>>07.12.05 New Layout<<<<<
In case you didn't notice. Some minor links will be broken/empty for the next few days.