FEB 23 2010 - DEC 30 2009
DEC 24 2009 - MAY 24 2006
APR 18 2006 - JULY 12 2005

>>>>>12.24.09 Box Office Mondays Are Over<<<<<

Jak's solo/acoustic Monday night residency at The Box Office has come to a close. Thanks to everyone who came and checked it out.

>>>>>11.25.09 "Battery Acid" Remaster Free Release Today!<<<<<
Four years to the day from its original release, you can now stream or download the completely remastered "Battery Acid" in beautiful 320kbps MP3 form for free from this site. Go to the Wax page and get to clogging our bandwidth.

>>>>>11.17.09 Exclusive Track On FracturedPerspective.Com, WTUL Appearance Thurs 11/19<<<<<
If you have the stomach for nineteen uses of a fairly naughty word, go check out "Ipecac", a track Jak recorded last month that is exclusively being released for streaming on Louis Gardner's FracturedPerspective.com. On Thursday, catch Jak talking to DJ Driftwood about an upcoming show, airing at around 8pm.

>>>>>11.16.09 Remastered "Battery Acid" To Be Released For Free On November 25th<<<<<
For the past month or so, Jak has been remastering his 2005 release "Battery Acid" and it is now complete. On November 25th (four year anniversary of the original release) you'll be able to stream and download the whole album for free in its much cleaner and polished version.

>>>>>10.28.09 Twitter Feed On JakLocke.com<<<<<
As you can see, there's a new addition to the front page with Jak's Twitter feed. Follow it or read it from here, whatever you prefer.

>>>>>10.18.09 1999's "Rot" Remastered Free Release Today<<<<<
Today is ten years to the day that Jak's 1999 album "Rot" was released. It's been remastered as best as possible from the source tapes and is now available for free streaming and download from this site.

>>>>>10.14.09 Jak At The Box Office On Mondays<<<<<
From now on for a while, Jak will be doing an acoustic set every Monday at The Box Office on Freret Street.

>>>>>08.28.09 New Downloads<<<<<
Download albums from two of Jak's side projects, Banjo (self-titled) and Charlie Brown Gone Mad (85XXX), from the Wax page. More downloads will be coming soon too, so keep coming back for updates.

>>>>>08.18.09 Last Minute Show Friday<<<<<
Go to The Continental this Friday (8/21) to catch Jak's set.

>>>>>08.11.09 Chaos Narcotic Is Finished<<<<<
Oh yes, oh yeah, CD release show will be August 29th at Whiskey Dix in New Orleans. You'll be able to buy it from iTunes/Rhapsody/AmazonMP3 soon too, though if you do it that way you won't be able to get it in your favorite color.

>>>>>08.07.09 WTUL September 3rd<<<<<
Thursday September 3rd ~8pm, tune in to 91.5FM if you're in New Orleans or go to wtulneworleans.com and click "Listen Live" to hear Jak and Jeremy Borne interviewed live on WTUL by DJ Driftwood. Don't miss it!

>>>>>07.30.09 Sixth Tour Planned<<<<<
Plans for a small rock tour through Jackson, MS-Nashville, TN-Asheville, NC-Athens, GA-Mobile, AL are being worked out for October 15th through 19th. Keep an eye on the Tour calendar as more developments come.

>>>>>07.21.09 Chaos Narcotic Tracklist, Final Discontinuation<<<<<
Recording is wrapping up on Jak's new rock album "Chaos Narcotic". Here's the (more or less) finalized tracklist:
1: Color Coordinated; 2: Flavor Of The Week; 3: Wrecking Ball; 4: The Nothing At All; 5: Hannah; 6: Night Never Falls, It Crashes; 7: Rockin Broken Record; 8: Cyanide; 9: Good Luck; 10: Repeater; 11: Dreamless; 12: Beautiful Day To Be Dead; 13: Equus Ultima

"Battery Acid" will no longer be available for sale following "Chaos Narcotic"'s release. The explanation from Jak's recording log: "The reason I discontinue the earlier albums is because the recording quality is humiliatingly subpar on just about anything pre-2008. While I understand that the day may come when the most recent three albums are far outclassed by new techniques/equipment I acquire, the difference is that unlike pre-2008 material there's still enough clarity to be submission-worthy for radio, etc. Basically, I don't feel right promoting obviously inferior material, which is why you've seen me discontinue so many albums over the past two or so years."

>>>>>07.13.09 Give Me Your Money<<<<<
PayPal Donate button added to the front page. If you want to support Jak, show appreciation for the free downloads, or just like giving money away to people, please feel free to utilize it. Saying anything else would sound like panhandling.

>>>>>07.09.09 Free Download Every Week<<<<<
For the next few weeks, a full-length and full-quality MP3 from Jak's releases will be hosted for free download here at JakLocke.com. Download them, listen to them, spread them around. This week's track is "Good Luck" from Jak's 2005 release Battery Acid with a new longer outro. Enjoy and keep coming back every Thursday to get new tracks.

>>>>>06.18.09 Summer Shows, Chaos Narcotic<<<<<
Jak plays The Continental in Slidell, LA for the first time on July 3rd. Definitely worth a trip out to this place. August 1st, Jak and Sick Like Sinatra join forces at Banks Street Bar once again like some kind of sexy Voltron or something. Also, the upcoming album "Chaos Narcotic" is tentatively scheduled for a late summer/early autumn release and will likely be 12 tracks. More details like tracklist and all that when they come about.

>>>>>04.07.09 New Stop On May/June Tour<<<<<
Warrensburg, MO gets a double shot of Jak this summer: May 29th at Bottomfeeder Bay and the next day May 30th down the street at 400 Club.

>>>>>03.31.09 One Shot Austin 4/15, Final Metal Show 4/17<<<<<
Direct from Jak: "Because of, well, life, the April 17th show at The Bar with Apathy Ensues, Cathercist and Mad Dog will be my last metal show for a while. The lineup is not breaking up, nobody hates anybody, and it's not a permanent thing--mainly until a number of things settle down, children are born, and everyone's schedules open up again. When we get back to it, there'll be a lot of new material to listen to while you watch us abuse and destroy ourselves onstage. In the meantime, I'll still be doing acoustic and rock sets, as well as more stuff with Banjo and a side project I'm not supposed to mention yet."

Jak's also just added an acoustic show in Austin at Thunderbird for April 15th. This is separate from the three day mini-tour from April 9th through 11th, so if you're in the area, make sure you come out and support the gas tank.

>>>>>03.30.09 "Making Of Thrift Store Reject" Video Up<<<<<
The third and final "Making Of" video for the Battery Acid music videos is done. Find it in the usual place on the View page and enjoy.

>>>>>03.29.09 New Drummer In Jak's Rock Act<<<<<
Come out April 1st to Jak's rock set at the Circle Bar to catch the newest addition to the rock lineup, Alex Starr. No relation to Ringo, at least that we know of.

>>>>>03.24.09 Molotov Cocktail Video Shoot Video<<<<<
Get ready for repetitious words: The "The Making Of 'Molotov Cocktail' Music Video" video is available for streaming on the View page. One more of these videos is planned for the near future--it will cover the "Thrift Store Reject" shoot.

>>>>>03.14.09 Thrift Store Reject Music Video #1 of 2<<<<<
Andrew Elliott (who you'll remember from the music video he did for "Good Luck") recently gave Jak the raw footage from the "Thrift Store Reject" shoot they filmed two years ago and challenged Jak to an editing race. Jak's is finished and can now be seen via the View page; though he does want it mentioned that this shouldn't be considered the official video for that song, as Andy's will likely be far superior. Both will remain available when the other one is finished -- you can enjoy watching Jak's version right now.

>>>>>03.09.09 Good Luck Video Shoot Video<<<<<
Head over to the View page and check out the first in a series of three videos about the music video shoots--this one covers "Good Luck".

>>>>>03.08.09 Jak Locke On Twitter<<<<<
Jak's finally caved and started a Twitter page. It's inexcusable to be so out of touch and not have one if John McCain even keeps one, right? Link on the left side of the front page, start following Jak and make him follow you.

>>>>>02.18.09 New Flash Music Samplers<<<<<
Go to the Wax page and check out the new Flash players for samples from Jak's newest albums, "Flower Of Flesh And Bone" and "Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal"!

>>>>>02.08.09 April Texas Acoustic Tour Booked<<<<<
April 9th back at Bohemeo's in Houston; April 10th at Clementine Coffee Bar in Austin; April 11th at G.I.G. in San Antonio, the way it should have been last month!

>>>>>02.06.09 Last Minute Show Added For Tomorrow<<<<<
Two rock shows this weekend--Jak will be playing a rock set at Banks Street Bar tomorrow night with Sick Like Sinatra. Don't miss either of them!

>>>>>01.28.09 Unfinished Business Shows<<<<<
Shows are being planned for Austin and San Antonio on April 10th and 11th. Jak will be back at Bohemeo's in Houston on April 9th so if you missed the show there last time around, there you go.

>>>>>01.27.09 May/June Acoustic Tour Forthcoming<<<<<
Jak is currently in the process of booking another eight-day acoustic tour north, set for May 28th through June 4th. The plan is Memphis, TN; Eureka Springs, AR; Warrensburg, MO; Des Moines, IA; Lawrence, KS; Tulsa, OK; and Monroe, LA. By now you should know that this route will likely change, perhaps drastically, by the time it's all booked of course.

>>>>>01.25.09 The Texas Ripoff Massacre<<<<<
The last three shows in San Antonio, TX, Austin, TX and Lake Charles, LA were cancelled due to the theft of Jak, Zach and Jeremy's instruments. Apologies to everyone who had planned on coming out to those shows.

>>>>>01.09.09 Texas Tour Set<<<<<
Houston Jan. 22nd; Mission Jan. 23rd; San Antonio AND Austin (!) Jan. 24th. Oh yeah, and happy 2009.

>>>>>12.26.08 Keystone's No More<<<<<
Keystone's has closed down, so Jak's 1/31 metal show and 2/7 rock show will be rescheduled at new venues. Keep an eye on the calendar for information.

>>>>>12.24.08 Small Acoustic Tour Through Texas<<<<<
January 22nd - 24th, Jak, Zach and Jeremy head out for Houston, McAllen (tentative) and Austin. Keep checking the show list as shows are booked. Oh yeah, and happy holidays.

>>>>>12.06.08 Jak Listed On Bayou Underground<<<<<
Added to the growing list of dedicated music listing sites Jak's on is Bayou Underground. You'll find the link at the bottom of JakLocke.com's front page. Also, a lot of now-dead listing sites have been removed from the links.

>>>>>12.03.08 "Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal" Finished<<<<<
The new album is done and is now available!

>>>>>11.11.08 "Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal" To Be Released For Acoustic Tour<<<<<
Jak's first all-acoustic album "Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal" will be released in time for the eight day six stop acoustic tour beginning December 13th. Early information can be found on the Wax page.

>>>>>10.16.08 "Rain Cabinet" Discontinued<<<<<
Only nineteen copies of Jak's 2007 release "Rain Cabinet" are left; nine for sale at shows and ten for sale at the Metairie, LA location of Border's. This is your last chance to buy a copy before they're all gone, as no more will be produced.

>>>>>10.01.08 "Flower Of Flesh And Bone" To Be Released For Tour<<<<<
Audiences at shows on the tour to South Carolina will get first crack at the new album "Flower Of Flesh And Bone". It will officially be available for purchase on October 7th.

>>>>>09.23.08 Howlin Wolf Benefit<<<<<
Jak will be opening the benefit show at Howlin Wolf on November 7th with Misled, The Saltines, Nothing Sacred and Sinkhole.

>>>>>08.22.08 Acoustic Tour In December<<<<<
From December 13th through December 20th, Jak will be going on an acoustic tour through (tentatively) north Louisiana, Arkansas, north Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Keep an eye on the Tour page and show list for updates as dates are booked.

>>>>>08.17.08 Free Download: Jak Locke / Kelcy Mae EP<<<<<
Jak Locke and Kelcy Mae's 2006 collaboration EP is available for free download from the Wax page as of today. Up until this point it was very difficult to find a copy of it, so now anyone can enjoy it.

>>>>>08.15.08 More Site Updates, Videos<<<<<
Sharp-eyed visitors will have already noticed that the Pics page has been replaced with a View page. All new pictures have been added and the three Battery Acid music videos are now streamable/downloadable from JakLocke.com. The old YouTube links that used to be at the top of the front page are gone now as they've been rendered unnecessary. Enjoy all this new stuff!

>>>>>08.06.08 T-Shirts Are In, Site Updates<<<<<
Jak Locke "Dragged & Buried" design t-shirts have arrived and will be sold at shows from now on for $15. Get one! The Swag page has also been completely redesigned and the Mail List page has been deleted.

>>>>>07.18.08 Four Day Tour Update #4<<<<<
Friday's stop is booked at The Blue Marley in Monroe, GA. That means the tour is fully booked!

>>>>>07.15.08 Four Day Tour Update #3<<<<<
The route has been changed yet again, for good reason: Jak will be finishing the tour on Saturday October 11th in Greenville, South Carolina at The Cellar with new friends Modern Day Slave and Preachersgun. Friday's stop is still in the works; it will be in either Georgia or southern Tennessee.

>>>>>07.08.08 Four Day Tour Update #2<<<<<
Wednesday, October 8th, Jak plays at Egan's Bar in Tuscaloosa, AL as the first stop on the four day tour in October. The route's also been revised to an intended Tuscaloosa, AL - Birmingham, AL - Chattanooga, TN - Atlanta, GA plan from its original lay, so with luck the final two stops will be announced soon as well.

>>>>>06.29.08 Four Day Tour Update #1<<<<<
The first date's been set for the small four day / four stop tour to Athens, GA from October 8th to the 11th: Jak will be playing at the High Note / Rock-n-Horse in Birmingham, AL on Thursday, October 9th! Other planned stops are Mobile, AL, Auburn, AL and Athens, GA -- more details as they come.

>>>>>06.23.08 Live Sampler Active<<<<<
There are now more than 20 new MP3s hosted on-site available for download from the link on the top of the front page, separated by style (heavy, rock, acoustic, solo). Enjoy! These will be cycled as new / better live recordings are made.

>>>>>06.19.08 Stickers Are In<<<<<
Jak Locke stickers are finally available at live shows! Get one (or more) for free from Jak at any show from here on out, or until they run out.

>>>>>06.12.08 Last Minute Addition for June 13th<<<<<
Immediately after the Torrie's Tavern show tomorrow night, Jak will be playing on the other side of Houma at Good Times with The Lazarus Project and CassoVita from New Mexico.

>>>>>05.06.08 Show Updates<<<<<
Lots of new shows in Houma and New Orleans! With the frequency of booking recently, individual show updates won't be posted as news unless it's a new venue. Keep checking the show list below to keep up to date with that.

>>>>>03.28.08 Checkpoint's In June<<<<<
Jak bills with friends The Lazarus Project on June 6th at Checkpoint Charlie.

>>>>>03.24.08 Houma Show Bumped Ahead One Day<<<<<
The show at Good Times in Houma has been switched from April 26th to April 25th. Still a weekend date.

>>>>>03.17.08 Houma Show, Finally<<<<<
See a free Jak Locke show April 26th at Good Times on Main Street in Houma. Other act(s) TBA soon on the Tour page.

>>>>>03.10.08 Circle Bar Show, Fair Grinds Show<<<<<
Wednesday, April 16th, Jak returns to Circle Bar for the first time since 2005. One other act TBA soon in the usual place, the Tour page. March 22nd, catch Jak in a Saturday acoustic set at the Fair Grinds.

>>>>>03.07.08 "Listen To Songs" Updated<<<<<
All full-length song samples are now hosted through thesixtyone.com and MySpace. "Hannah" from Jak's new album in progress is streamable only on thesixtyone.com so check it out!

>>>>>02.20.08 Brick House Cancelled, Will Be Rescheduled<<<<<
Due to venue oversight, the show at Brick House on 2/23 will be rescheduled, most likely for some time in May. Also, Jak returns to Banks Street Bar on April 18th.

>>>>>01.21.08 New Shows<<<<<
Banks Street Bar on February 9th; February 23rd at The Brick House; March 15th at a benefit for troops in Labadieville. Details on the Tour page as usual.

>>>>>12.17.07 Rain Cabinet Reviewed In Houma Courier<<<<<
The review of Rain Cabinet from Dec. 14th is now available for reading on the Press page.

>>>>>12.12.07 TheSixtyOne.com<<<<<
Find Jak's music on thesixtyone.com. The more you "bump" the tunes, the more songs can be uploaded. Do this enough and some pre-releases from the next album may get posted on there.

>>>>>12.09.07 Shows At Two New Venues<<<<<
Jak's last show of the year happens on 12/29 at the Banks Street Bar in New Orleans. In March, catch Jak's first all-ages rock show since 1996 on 3/8 next year at New Iberia's Underground Sea.

>>>>>11.20.07 Dragon's Den In January<<<<<
Jak returns to the Dragon's Den in New Orleans on January 28th. Other act(s) TBA.

>>>>>11.08.07 Battery Acid On iTunes and Napster<<<<<
Jak's 2005 album Battery Acid is now available on iTunes and Napster's music services at $0.99 a track. If you haven't bought Battery Acid yet, or you live outside of the region Jak performs in (and therefore can't buy the album at a show), you now have a way to own it.

>>>>>11.04.07 Crash & Burn Completes The Double Hat Trick<<<<<
Crash & Burn, a venue in Bayou Vista, has booked Jak with friends Reaching Silence for November 24th. As a result, there are six consecutive weekends of shows beginning with November 16th's Checkpoint Charlie show, spanning from Bayou Vista, LA to Ocean Springs, MS--meaning there's no excuse to not catch at least one of these.

>>>>>10.27.07 Club Phoenix In December<<<<<
Jak returns to Club Phoenix in Slidell on December 22nd.

>>>>>10.12.07 First Show For '08 Booked<<<<<
Jak returns to The Bar twice, December 14th and February 22nd. Also, Jak's infamous punk/metal side project "Banjo" will be playing at The Bar next Sunday, October 21st with The Plebians and national act Murder Van.

>>>>>09.27.07 Last Minute Tonight<<<<<
North Gate Tavern in Baton Rouge had a band drop out unexpectedly for tonight's show. Jak is filling in, beginning at 10pm.

>>>>>09.05.07 Show At The Bar<<<<<
September 22nd Jak plays at Metairie's The Bar on Edenborn.

>>>>>08.26.07 Jak On Last.Fm<<<<<
You can now hear Jak's music on the Last.Fm online radio service. Click here to check it out or follow the link below the show list on the main page.

>>>>>08.10.07 Molotov Cocktail Video<<<<<
After a 2.5 year adventure in production hell, the Molotov Cocktail video is finished. Watch it here.

>>>>>08.09.07 Neutral Ground 8/17<<<<<
Jak will be at the Neutral Ground once again on August 17th.

>>>>>07.31.07 New Slidell Club<<<<<
Catch Jak at Slidell's newest club, Club Phoenix, on October 19th!

>>>>>07.24.07 Jak At The Fair Grinds Again<<<<<
After two years, Jak returns to the Fair Grinds on August 3rd. This will also be the first acoustic show since February.

>>>>06.22.07 Return To New Orleans!<<<<<
On August 14th catch a rare weekday show from Jak at the Dragon's Den on Esplanade. September 14th, Jak plays Bourbon Street's newest (and only) original rock venue, Zydeco. On November 16th he'll be back at Checkpoint Charlie on Esplanade for the first time in nearly two years.

>>>>>05.31.07 Ocean Springs Music Festival July 21st<<<<<
Jak Locke has been confirmed as one of the acts to perform at this year's Ocean Springs Music Festival on Saturday, July 21st. Details as they come on the Tour page.

>>>>>05.16.07 Back At Stingray's<<<<<
Jak returns to New Iberia on August 10th at Stingray's! There may also be a show in June there.

>>>>>04.28.07 Last Minutes (Literally!) Show Last Night<<<<<
Last night Jak played a two-man set with Scott Blanchard at Keystone's, filling in for a band that dropped out a couple of hours before the show. Accalimed saxophonist Jason Davis, fresh from a Jazz Fest set, wandered into the club and played his song "Skinny Dippin" with Jak backing him up on guitar, Brad Medina on bass and Scott on drums. Sorry we couldn't get the word out to you--the call to fill the empty spot came literally an hour and fifteen minutes before the time slot.

>>>>>03.25.07 New Show At New New Orleans Venue<<<<<
Two days after you catch Jak at Tipitina's, see him billing with Tchoupchupacabra on March 31st at the Tarantula Arms in New Orleans, right next door to the House Of Blues.

>>>>>03.10.07 Online Album Ordering Active<<<<<
You can now finally order albums from this website's WAX page.

>>>>>02.22.07 Show At Tipitina's<<<<<
Jak returns to Tipitina's after nearly three years on March 29th. Ticket availability will be announced soon.

>>>>>02.12.07 Rain Cabinet Coming Next Week<<<<<
Jak's latest album, Rain Cabinet, will finally be available for sale at shows beginning next Friday, February 23rd! Here's a look at the track list:
Dark Little Cloud
Isn't It Just Like September
Mute Language
Oceans From Drops
Brass Sky
Septic Tank
Dead End Road
No Man's Street
Marrubium Vulgare
Eleven Cuts
Broken Gospel Train

>>>>>02.10.07>>Julep Room Again And Again<<<<<
Jak will be back at the Julep Room in Ocean Springs on March 9th and April 20th. By the way, if you missed last night's performance, you also missed his final acoustic performance for a very long time.

>>>>>01.20.07 Two More Shows In Galliano<<<<<
February 16th and March 23rd Jak will return to the Cajun Pitt Stop in Galliano with Jolie Whisper.

>>>>>01.17.07 Rain Cabinet Finished, Release Date Coming Soon<<<<<
Around three this morning Rain Cabinet, the album Jak's been working on since September, was completed. A release date will be announced here in the next few days.

>>>>>01.11.07 Jak Locke Concert Review On NewOrleansBands.Net<<<<<
A couple of weeks ago Jorge Caicedo reviewed Jak's Revolutionary One appearance from December 8th in his Metal Shop column on NewOrleansBands.Net. Check it out there or in the transcript in this site's Press section.

>>>>>01.07.07 The Catastrophe Part Three, April 6th; Keystone's In February<<<<<
Jak and the band return to The Catastrophe in Gautier, MS on April 6th and to Keystone's in Metairie on February 23rd.

>>>>>12.28.06 Julep Room On 2/9<<<<<
Catch 2007's second acoustic set from Jak in Ocean Springs at the Julep Room on February 9th.

>>>>>12.26.06 Acoustic Jak At Neutral Ground 1/20<<<<<
On January 20th at 11pm Jak plays an acoustic set (first one since September) at the Neutral Ground.

>>>>>12.22.06 Jak And Atomic Pilot In New Iberia<<<<<
Catch Jak and Atomic Pilot in New Iberia again, this time at America's on March 17th.

>>>>>12.19.06 Show In Galliano<<<<<
Jolie Whisper plays a show with Jak Locke at the Cajun Pitt Stop in Galliano on January 19th.

>>>>>12.18.06 Jak Returns To Keystone's<<<<<
Catch Jak at Keystone's in Metairie once again on January 12th. Other acts TBA.

>>>>>11.18.06 New Show In Gautier<<<<<
Jak plays at The Catastrophe again for his first show of the year on January 6th. Other acts still to be determined.

>>>>>11.08.06 This Friday Cancelled, 12/8 In Metairie Added, New Rain Cabinet Page<<<<<
Stitches Bar abruptly closed this week, effectively cancelling Jak's show there this Friday. Metairie's still on the radar for next month though--Jak will be playing a set at NolaParty.Com's Revolutionary One underground rock / fashion show at Keystone's on December 8th. As for Rain Cabinet, click here to keep up with the progress of recording.

>>>>>10.24.06 Yellow Light District Discontinued<<<<<
As of today, Yellow Light District is out of print. Congratulations if you have a copy!

>>>>>10.21.06 Last Minute Addition Show This Saturday<<<<<
Jak and the band play with Human Error at Stitches Bar's Halloween party on October 28th.

>>>>>10.18.06 Return To Stingray's<<<<<
Jak returns to New Iberia on November 17th, this time with Atomic Pilot.

>>>>>10.03.06 New Show At New Club<<<<<
Metairie's newest music club Stitches Bar will have Jak and a to-be-determined band playing November 10th.

>>>>>10.01.06 New Live Media<<<<<
There are now three new MP3s from live shows and a video from 9/29's New Iberia show available from the front page of this site. Keep an eye on the "stream video" section, as videos will be periodically added.

>>>>>09.20.06 Hammond Star Feature<<<<<
Jak's featured in this month's "Downtown" section of the Hammond Star newspaper. Reach it here until October or read it on the Press page of this site.

>>>>>08.30.06 Jak And Folly Head Way Down The Bayou<<<<<
On October 7th catch Jak billing with Wisdom's Folly at the Pit Stop in Galliano, LA.

>>>>>08.29.06 The Catastrophe Gets A Little Louder<<<<<
On October 20th, Jak brings the noise to Gautier, MS's Catastrophe with other acts to be announced.

>>>>>08.28.06 Jak And Kelcy 9/15, Stingray's Lineup Change<<<<<
September 15th you can catch Jak's acoustic set at 7pm followed by Kelcy Mae at 8pm. The show at Stingray's in New Iberia on 9/29 has had a lineup change and will be corrected on the Tour page soon.

>>>>>08.22.06 September 29th's Show Moved To New Iberia<<<<<
The venue for September 29th's show with Wisdom's Folly, Cattlehead and Automoon has been changed from Rookies in Lafayette to Stingray's in New Iberia. Everything remains the same for the show except the location.

>>>>>08.12.06 Cancelled<<<<<
Due to last minute changes, all three acts were cancelled for tonight's (8/12) show in New Orleans.

>>>>>07.31.06 Back In Lafayette After Four Years<<<<<
Jak's first show in Lafayette since April 2002 will be September 29th with Wisdom's Folly and locals Cattlehead as well as another Lafayette band to be determined.

>>>>>07.26.06 Lockport becomes Lockeport<<<<<
August 11th and September 16th Jak and Wisdom's Folly co-bill at Alonzo's in Lockport, LA.

>>>>>07.24.06 Jak In Hammond<<<<<
Jak Locke and Wisdom's Folly rock with Gonzalez's own Echelon at Augustine's Pub in Hammond, LA on September 23rd.

>>>>>07.17.06 Rock Show In New Orleans, First There In Four And A Half Months<<<<<
Jak brings the electric noise to the Crescent City for the first time since April Fool's Day at Lucky's Bar uptown with good friends Gilgamesh on August 12th. Free show, be there.

>>>>>07.06.06 New Press Item<<<<<
Though it's just a brief quote from Jak, there's a new entry in the Press section from the Houma Courier's article today about The Garage closing down.

>>>>>07.03.06 Jay's Bubbletea Shuts Down Its Music<<<<<
Jay's Bubbletea, where Jak was scheduled to perform on July 15th, has stopped hosting live music.

>>>>>07.01.06 Neutral Ground Show Moved<<<<<
Because of a scheduling mixup, Jak's Neutral Ground show has been switched from July 14th @ 8pm to August 25th @ 9pm.

>>>>>06.25.06 All Shows At The Garage Cancelled<<<<<
With huge regret, we pass on the news that The Garage in Houma has shut its doors as of June 24th. Consequently, Jak's 7/29 and 8/18 shows that were scheduled there are cancelled.

>>>>>06.14.06 Baton Rouge Show 6/24<<<<<
June 24th Jak and his band will be opening for Subject Optional at the North Gate Tavern in Baton Rouge.

>>>>>06.02.06 Shows (One Tonight (6/2)!), HoumaRadio.Com Interview 6/15<<<<<
Tonight Jak plays a rare solo set at the Neutral Ground in New Orleans at 7pm. Also, catch DJ Troll interviewing Jak Thursday, June 15th around 8pm on HoumaRadio.Com. And later in August, Jak will be at the Julep Room in Ocean Springs, MS on 8/5 and at The Garage in Houma on 8/18.

>>>>>05.29.06 HoumaRadio.Com<<<<<
Beginning tonight you can hear Jak's music (as well as a whole lot of other Louisiana bands' music, of course) on HoumaRadio.Com.

>>>>>05.26.06 June 17th Postponed<<<<<
June 17th's show at The Garage has been postponed. More June dates to replace the two recent cancellations are coming very soon.

>>>>>05.25.06 June 10th Cancelled<<<<<
Due to venue oversight, the house concert show at The Secret Hideout on June 10th has been cancelled.

>>>>>05.24.06 New Site<<<<<
v15 of this site is active.