November 1st 2008 (SAT)
New Orleans, LA :: Fair Grinds Coffeehouse

Jak Locke: vocals, harmonica, guitar
Zach Dufrene: keyboard
Jeremy Borne: bass

Beautiful Day To Be Dead
Hemlock Ambrosia
Good Luck
I'm Feeling Generic
Static (Beck)
Dark Windows
The Nothing At All
Battle Hymn
Love Ridden (Fiona Apple)
Wrecking Ball
Nobody's Fault But My Own (Beck)
Overdue Rent (Existing)
Whiskeyclone Hotel City 1997 (Beck)
Pocket Full Of Ash
Goodbye Sister Janus
Bones Of Baby Dolls (Acid Bath)
Time To Get Gone One Last Time
Oceans From Drops
Icepick (Tenement)