September 28th 2000
The Nicholls Worth
Thibodaux, LA campus newspaper
Band plays homegrown music
article by: Jaime Lugibihl

Aborting the traditional style of most bands, "Paradox Prophecy", atwo-man band comprised of Nicholls students, approaches music with an innovative outlook and no compromise attitude.

"The basic element of the band is that we have a homegrown, natural style," Jak Locke, band member and mass communication junior from Marrero, said.

Locke describes the band as an improvisational band that plays mostly folk music and acoustic rock.

Paradox Prophecy plans to release a complete CD in November or December.

Rob Harrison, band member and English freshman from Covington, said he believes the name has molded itself to the band.

"I came up with the word paradox because I love paradoxes," Harrison said. "I am just a great big paradox and Jak's life is a prophecy. The name really fits both of us."

The band cut their first demo CD last November.

However, they did not take the usual approach to making music with traditional instruments.

"I made a bass drum out of a wooden bed in Calecas Hall with a Kleenex where the bass pedal hits to give it a softer sound," Harrison said.

Harrison used a screwdriver kit for the bass for the snare drum, and the high hat was made out of an object that he described as a "yet unidentifiable black metal object" that he taped to the table.

The drum set was complete when Harrison used a plastic cup with a slit through it for the cymbal.

"I think that with two people, there is a lot more freedom for [Locke] and I to play around," Harrison said. "There is a lot less mechanics involved."

Harrison and Locke hope to one day play in local coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

"When we cut our first demo tape, we hoped that would give us some publicity," Locke said. "But last semester, things just kind of fizzled for us.

"We started playing together again this semester," Harrison said. "We came back with a better sense of togetherness."

Paradox Prophecy can be spotted on campus, when they play in the Quadrangle.

"We played in the quadrangle a few weeks ago, and quite a few people stopped by and told us we were doing a good job," Locke said.

The duo will perform again when they play for the Student Programming Association tailgating party before the homecoming game on Oct. 21.

Paradox Prophecy, although uncertain of the future is simply enjoying the shared musicianship and friendship that they have together.

"We both make up the band," Locke said. "Both of us puts the other ahead of ourself."

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