December 24th 2006
Metal Shop - Jorge Caicedo reviews Revolutionary One
review by: Jorge Caicedo

Hello people, yes it's me Jorge from Jorge's Metal Shop doing a write up. Moving on.....

Friday night, Keystones played host to 3 bands as part of a series of weekly rock shows entitled Revolutionary One, this one being the last of them. The first band up was Jak Locke, a quartet that tips the nod to Agents of Oblivion. Rock interspersed with mellow and at times funky parts in addition to the Dax Riggs styled vocals. During the last song, the singer introduced each member and let them take a little solo spot, with the drummer's spot being the best. Next up were Edge Set Mary, a trio with the drummer handling vocal duties. Musically, the sound crosses from Audioslave to Godsmack and the drummer has a pretty good set of pipes. Sure, it’s all been done before, but Edge Set Mary does it very well. Last but not least was Project Blue a rock quartet that took a shot at diversity by throwing in reggae-ish and ska breaks into their otherwise average rock sound. The singer was off key and their execution could've been better but I've seen worse so all in all, it wasn't that bad. Kudos to Keystone's for booking live bands.

On 12-22 Keystones will be doing a Toys for Tots benefit w/ 4 local bands. Go and check it out; even if only for the fact that you'll be making some kid's Christmas a great one. 'Til next time.......

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