September 23rd 2011
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Fire Game With Me: Twin Peaks Reimagined As An Atari 2600 Adventure
article by: Super Swede

Well, sort of.

When it comes to David Lynch, mine is a love that shines brighter than all the stars in the firmament. Despite being a cretin of the first order - one that can barely scrape together enough grey matter to comprehend the most elementary of symbolism - there's something undeniably unnerving about his particular style of art. His more obscure works are disturbing on a subconscious level, evoking a sort of terror compounded by the inherently disoriented nature of the narrative - and given that my youth was filled with hour after terrifying hour of Silent Hill, this focus on atmospheric horror immediately struck a chord with me.

However, against the backdrop of my vast appreciation for the talented director/weatherman and his work, there is a shame that I wear like a scarlet letter: I have never seen Twin Peaks - neither the movie, nor the television series. For those who have, an upstanding young gent named Jak Locke has created Black Lodge 2600, and Atari-style homage to Twin Peaks. I'll just let you experience it for yourself; my staggering ignorance prevents me from offering any commentary as to whether or not the game is a fitting compliment to the series, and I'd prefer not to spoil the story for myself. I anticipate this being rectified around February, since as I've learned from recent experience, diving into a new (to me) and prospectively compelling series tends to result in shutting myself off from the world and binging on episode after episode - from sunup till sundown - like some kind of latter-day Howard Hughes. By the time I finished the last episode of "The Wire," I had a full beard.

But I digress.

The cherry atop this sundae of loveliness is that Black Lodge 2600 is available for free, both on PC and Mac, at Jak Locke's web site. Sweet dreams.

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