September 27th 2011
G4 Attack of the Show
'Twin Peaks: Escape From Black Lodge' Game Is Creepy
article by: Mike D'Alonzo

You remember Twin Peaks, don't you? If you've never seen it, you need to go right out and do that immediately. Seriously. I'll wait. And I'll do a creepy backward midget dance while I wait. Good? Ok, well now that you've seen it, you know that the Black Lodge is the creepy concentration of evil out in the woods in Washington where Dale Cooper was trapped with the sad ghost of Laura Palmer and a midget who was trying to tell him something that was always just beyond his grasp.

Of course you remember the place.

Well, now there's a videogame where you get to try and escape from Black Lodge. And it's done in the style of an Atari game.Yes, it is creepy, and yes, it's hilarious, especially to us Twin Peaks fans, which you now undoubtedly are, right?

Check it out.

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