written by: Jak Locke

from Seed (October 12th 2001) (2:02)
Screwdriver on my mind
I ain’t the brooding kind
Balance your face on the end of a spoon
Give her the earth and she’ll ask for the moon
Go in the sand and get trapped in a dune

Jigsaw puzzle lifestyle
Laid on the floor awhile
Got my mouth full of dust and chalk
Give her an inch and she’ll take you for a walk
Don’t wanna hear it so don’t even talk

Leaned on the pound key
Wrote a word, mailed it to me
Bleeding gelatin from my fingertip
Give her a wheel and she’ll sink your ship
Give her some change and she’ll fry your fish
Give her a meal and she’ll break your dish
Give her a smile and she’ll break your head
Give her a bird and it’ll come back dead

Oh, give her a speaker
Give her some water
Give her a lightbulb
Give her a wire
Give her a call
Give her the desert
Give her Afghanistan

earliest live performance: October 20th 2001