A Stall Door Doesn't Cost Much
written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Number 3 (December 30th 2023) (1:55)
This is my contract: there will be no show
If your club hasn't joined the last millennium
I shouldn't have to see dicks and balls hanging
And looking into another man's eyes as he's straining
This is my contract: there will be no show
Are you that fucking broke?
Just a plank of wood would be enough
Tell me, where do you shit when you're here and the urge hits?
I say let us use that one instead
But no, how must you see us
"The animals can use this pail
The door's open, gather round
See his tail grow and paint the bowl"
This will not stand
If they won't give you dignity, a door to close
Shit their stage, show them how much you can be exposed
We cast this mandate: a gate where we defecate
Or pay us more for the show past the bathroom door

never performed live