A Strong Woman
written by: Miles "The Cowboy" Spencer (Jak Locke)

from The Cowboy: No Fences For Miles (January 11th 2021) (1:31)
i want a strong willed woman.
someone whos mean.
never takes guff asks me where i been.
got an anser for every thing with atitude.
never cooks food.
never gets nude.

a strong willed woman is ready to fight.
never backs down and locks me out at night.
farts in front of company and hates my kin.
thats the kind of marrage that i want to be in.

so stick your jenteel girls where the sun dont shine.
for all i care they can kiss 1000 behinds.
gonna find me that woman and make her mine wile the other girls keep kissin behind.

never performed live