At The Black River Mouth
written by: Jak Locke

from The Dead Outlaws: 2003 demo (December 4th 2003) (4:39)
I felt her velvet touch glide deep inside of my decay
I heard her plaintive whisper turn the angels' hair to gray
I let her soma take me down into her innocence
The violent twitches shadowed by the screams that wait to wrench

I heard the slitting of a fragile wrist
I won't tell a soul how the shrieking made her twist

I want to see the color of your veins
I want to feel your hot blood as it drains
I want to smell you burn like charcoal
I want to hear you screaming out your soul

Death waits and there's no more dreams to die
Suffocate and let my name be your last cry

We climb the dying mountains in the memories laying jagged
I heard her screaming "liberty" as she cut her veins ragged

I was born to watch you bleed
I was born to watch you die

Chained, we envision the dawn of a place with no sun
Forsaken, we slaughter the starlight in shades of heroin
I spit vomit death conjugal abyss
Die your tongue in my teeth, swallow your kiss

I place my head upon your throat and hear the demons scream
A violent choir to my dark eyes, the nightmare that you dream
My love my love my dead love

On the headstone beach we laid and watched the angels die and choke
As black fire took eternity in streets where death awoke
The break of day that strangled out the ash-white children's screams
We ride upon Apollyon in the scalding blood steam

Paling softly suicide returns her lover moan
Violated, bleeding, you were born to die alone
I can see the decay in you, I can taste the kill
Murder slaughter Satan's daughter sex death rape cut thrill

Breathe deeply child the water will cleanse your soul
Breathe deeply child the water will cleanse your soul

never performed live