Bad Day
written by: Jak Locke

from Afterimage Chaser (May 6th 2000) (2:28)
Having a bad bad day and I'm not feeling so great
Started off at breakfast, I found a roach in my corn flakes, and it was already smoked
I’m starting to get that feeling in my bed I shoulda stayed

Well my car broke down out by the Manhattan traffic light
I got myself a date with my favorite girl tonight, that's the one with the butt
Now when we go to the movies we'll have to ride there on my bike, it's a two speed

I guess my bike got jacked and my paycheck is spent, ain't gonna get another one
My dog ate all my food stamps, my ex wants child support sent, I don't even remember having a kid with her
Now I'm looking in my refrigerator, wondering where all my food went
Take it

Think I'll take me a walk two doors over to my bed
Yes I'ma take me a walk so I can lay down on my bed
See a letter in my room, repo man took my bed, now where am I sleepin, floor again, infomercials

earliest live performance: October 5th 2002