Battery Acid
written by: Jak Locke

from Seed (October 12th 2001) (2:03)
Gonna, gonna scream
Gotta get shit straight
Gotta sit and wait
Gonna wake up dead
Gonna fly in my head
Pressure building up
Toss a blanket across the room
Come on give me what you’re showin off, whoa

Impatient, semiconscious
Gonna speak my doom

Spread the alarm
With a pain in my guts
Kissin the walls
Completely nuts
Gonna tear my hair
Gonna yell like a bear
Gonna stay in my cave
Gonna be my own slave
Oh yeah no yeah come on

Pillow shams on the floor
Asshole at my door
Pounding like the inbreed he is
Oh come on now you got the mood
Kick it kick it kick it kick it kick it

never performed live