Battery Chick
written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Bango (November 16th 2015) (3:33)
That girl is hot as shit
I wanna find out if the curtains match the carpet
Oh wow, man, I'm in pain!
She gave me an erection that's completely insane!

I have to know her, but let me reflect...
Ok, I'll show her I'm the kind of man that knows respect
I'm gonna go and walk to her then talk to her
And then she'll let me put my cock in her!

In her room, like I said!
I want to be the father of her cold abortion
She threw me on the bed
And told me to get ready for the "wild distortion"
What the fuck does that mean? Oh shit!
She hooked me up to something with some alligator clips
Now she's reaching to press the switch
Fuck me, I hooked up with a sadistic bitch!

Pain is pleasure
Exquisite pain exquisite pleasure
Fuck that, this shit fucking hurts!

Five hundred volts through my chest
Did I just fall through the mattress?
Oh, God, did I just shit the sheets?
Is that a nine-volt coming toward my meat?
Fuck sex, fuck her, fuck my dignity
I gotta get this battery off of me
Yeah, go on, laugh, I saved my dick
You want to spend a night with the battery chick?

I made it out of her apartment
Some guy said he's gonna call the cops on me
Cuz I was naked in the hallway
Call the cops on ME? The fuck is that?
Does he know what he's fucking living next to?

Lately nothing feels right
I can't even stomach turning on the light
The other day I got shocked by the door
I ended up pissing all over the floor
Bra cup sizes confuse me
I can't help thinking that they're talking about batteries
Yeah, you think it's funny, I think it's sick
You want to spend a night with the battery chick?

earliest live performance: July 26th 2008