Battle Hymn
written by: Jak Locke

from Post-Apocalyptic Hymnal (December 3rd 2008) (3:18)
Take me far away on a long tall silver ship
Put some ammo in my pockets and a smoke between my lips
Tell me all the stories about the people I should curse
As soon as I get back you'll have to tell me in reverse

Now send all of my wishes to my mother and my pa
Tell them that I'm only killing for the sake of law
Tell mama that she raised me wrong, that hitting first's okay
And everybody's not allowed to live their chosen way

Fighting all this rain and cold and all this rising bile
Can't help but see this liberty and think inches and miles
For some soft politician hoping hard to keep his seat
I shoot my guns and watch my friends die in the battle's heat

Don't tell me what the score is now, don't tell me did we win
In the name of equality by killing foreign men
And don't tell me how my enemy is suffering left behind
Cuz in the end the score is naught, his grave's as cold as mine

earliest live performance: February 17th 2006