Big Man
written by: Jak Locke

from Datura Holiday (September 25th 2001) (2:19)
Holdin back a lot of crap
Puttin up with everybody’s shit
Got a mind to kick the trashcan
Fuckin tellin me things
Fuckin pushin me around
Fuckin fryin my mind
Fuckin pullin my nerves
Throwin shit at me
Stoned from hearin it
Stoned from out of mind
Gonna bake my skull in the oven
Wanna throw me like a demon
Wanna push me til I’m screamin
You're gonna wake me when I’m dreamin
You wanna fake me
Fuckin breakin my balls
Givin me shit
Fuckin feedin me shit
Fuckin fuckin around
Fuckin fuckin fuckin me up
Fuckin fuckin sick of it
Fuckin fuckin fuck fuck
Anybody there? I don’t see anybody. Somebody talk to me. Ahh. Well this sucks.

never performed live