Blind Anthems
written by: Jak Locke

from Lifelike Sounds (November 30th 2023) (3:10)
As another clutch of hours slips away, the shift and freedom trap is sprung
Tomorrow's just another given, we will always be this young
Though she don't know it yet every fracture's been set for every break to come
Another spent to the descent, another stepping up that went where the end comes from

Say we take it as it comes, marching to our broken drums, what's dividing us?
Say we fight against the plan, take a number and a stand, who's that guiding us?
Oh say can you see, we got some place to be where no one's ever been
Save the anthems for the blind, they don't care and I don't mind, let them think they win

Losing yourself in pointless scenes
What did you think would happen?
We could be anything while in between
I need a new distraction

As we throw another calendar away it's nothing that we haven't seen
Yesterday dictates tomorrow, comfort bludgeons with routine
Now what do we choose: having nothing to lose or something to defend?
Villains set by others' goals, pick your story, play your roles
Nothing ever ends

never performed live