Blind Dirge
written by: Jak Locke

from Broken Crescent (September 22nd 2005) (2:21)
When the visions and mirages fade away and the rain puddles reflect the only light
You can feel misery's caress on your shoulder through the alleys in the abandoned night
When the picture of the devil starts to follow with his eyes with its palette of fifty shades of gray
And the music that drips thinly through the windows falls in dirges that echo in the clay
When the falling stars are all you find to wish upon, Billie Babylon strokes his harp and prays
And the rest they spread their eyelids wide and stare into the sun only for the cause of filling up their days

earliest live performance: March 11th 2005
intro samples from "Useless Keyring" (Dusk Segment, October 2nd 2001)