Brown Fox
written by: Jak Locke

version 2:
from Brother Sisyphus (September 10th 2004) (3:19)
Baptized in axle grease with the soul of a maniac
I could feel your sawed-off smile baby, can you fit it in the back
Been down at the bottom, lord the devil knows that I took some licks
Gray leather decked out in the front seat of a drop top '56

Seven priests are calling they all want me to fill a seat
Eight undertakers waiting ready with formaldehyde and a sheet
Outlaw rickshaw mover I take my turns at 89
Grind all five gears boys come on, the limit's just a sign

I'm living it fast out here, you think you're enough of a fix
Light fifteen candles for your loverman baby and I'll blow out all the wicks
If you're not pushing what I want to hear then I'll catch you down the line
Don't you know there ain't nothing to nothing momma
Don't you know that that's just fine

version 1:
from Shut Off (June 24th 2004) (as "Red Fox") (4:44)
Baptized in axle grease with the soul of a maniac
City limit fade away, I ain't never comin back
Gonna leave a hole on the map when I blow out of the state
Twist the needle past a bill in a drop-top '58

Got a lover chasin with a phone bill and a ring
Got a tax suit lookin for me, he know what's happening
Got the undertaker waitin for me with a black coat and my name
Ain't got no riches, ain't got no bills and I could do without this fame

never performed live