Campus Ramblin Blues
written by: Jak Locke

from Empty Rooms (October 29th 1998) (3:28)
Woke up today in a strange room, full of empty gloom, could use a broom
Empty cans, full ashtrays, terrible taste in decoration, must be a dormitory
Got mosquitoes flying around
Ain't roaches so it must be a good dormitory

Took my ballcap off the bed, blue and red, right on my head
It was backwards of course, everybody's gotta have a trademark look
Well that's mine and about a thousand other people's on campus

I walked to class and I looked around, ain't no sound, no one to be found
Class was supposed to start at 8:55, it's 8:00
Close enough, so I left

Walked along the twistin way, well look hey, the school cafe
Lot of people in there talking, nobody eating
I fill up a tray, find a corner and I eat up
Oh. That's why

Comin here was pretty dumb, these days a degree just makes you an alum
Found a road, stuck out my thumb, wait for someone
Here they come, it was a taxi cab
I said "take me home" and he drove me back to the dorm

Went to the fraternity, gee everybody's lookin at me
They're all wearin the same shirt and the same cargo shorts
Same Jerusalem cruisers, same bald fade haircuts, makin the same face at me
Same heads, same brains
Think I got somewhere else to be

Well that afternoon they had a game, the band was lame and nobody came
Not the other team or even our team either
Now that I think about it, it was probably a band practice, they should work on that

You might ask what I'm doing here after such a critique so severe
Well there's a lot of beer
And a lot of pretty girls here
And they gave me a semester's worth of hours when I tested
May as well get the other seven or eight or nine
Ah, might be fun

never performed live