written by: Jak Locke

from Thresholds (August 22nd 2001) (3:01)
It's like deja vu baby at the other end

Swallowed whole, bored to the brains
Got my badge hijacking trains
Plaster lighthouse all out of dimes
Intercom button, magnet chimes

Invisible glasses, rain puddles quaking
Wirevine racecar, diesel trucks braking
Ice water cocktail, electrical pants
Computer game soft drink preaching science

Tell me it’s unreal baby
Fog up the windows, 3 for a dollar
Empty jewel case makes you holler

Spoken (1):
With the leather strapped together
With red tape
Electrical tape duct tape invisible tape
Video tape
Any kind of tape
I love tape I love it I love tape
Wrap me up with tape

Spoken (2):
Red tape yeah
I like it with the ashtrays and box cutters
And the mixers on four and rulers with compasses
You get from cereal boxes and maybe some blank tapes
And a rabbit and a plastic boot and a model airplane
And the white house and the capitol and a Charles can

Spoken (3):
I love I love tape give me tape
I like the tape somebody give me some tape please
Will you give me some tape I like tape I like tape
It’s all nice and sticky on one side and smooth on the other and you can see through it too
I like tape you can see through

never performed live