Champion (High Score!)
written by: Jak Locke

from Jak Is A Four Letter Word: Side A (January 16th 2013) (3:37)
What you ain't heard of me
Yeah I'm living the life you know
Check this good shit out you know
Eating cold pizza, playing pacman
I got the real 2600 too bitches
None of that TVGames shit
I know how to party too check it

Got mad ambition and so I think
I might go for the job washing dishes in the sink
After one more drink
Two liter bottle gunpowder in the dome
Blow out the streetlights and run back home
Toking up alone

And I'm a singer too I'ma sing now
This dump is my land it isn't your land
Would you really want this
I didn't think so

Oh yeah a voice like that I'ma make me a heartbreaker
Yes I'm breaking hearts
I got the high score at life too you know
I got a microwave I got guitar strings I got
I got a pair of headphones that still works, deck of cards
Facebook account in good standing
181970 points in Dig Dug, shit who wouldn't want this combo meal

Fist in the TV head in the oven
Got a suicidal streak and depression I'm lovin
Nothing else rhymes with oven that fits the rhythm at all, shit
And so I'm thinkin about this time
I think I probably could've written up a better rhyme
But I just do this instead cuz I don't feel like tryin

Yeah all the badass songs get an instrumental break
No singin no talkin just
I'ma let the harmonica take us out
Because harmonica's a sexual instrument

never performed live