Dark Wind
written by: Jak Locke

from Other Streets (December 30th 2001) (1:50)
There’s a dark wind a-blowin ‘cross the Lou’siana plain
There’s a fire in the night that shot up its last flame
‘Neath the deep south sky, two people on the lane
Got nuthin’ ‘tween the two of ‘em, not even half a brain

There’s a windstorm a-comin from the far Atlantic coast
There’s a change a-comin too, makin what’s the least the most
Tossin back an forth all the secrets they could host
The look a’ horror on ‘em, you would swear they seen a ghost

There’s a lone clock a-soundin and a-mockin with its bell
There’s a candle burnin slowly in a midnight prison cell
There’s a cold an granite marker where the unknown mighty fell
There’s a dark wind a blowin straight from the depths of hell

earliest live performance: December 22nd 2001