written by: Jak Locke

from Banjo: Number 3 (December 30th 2023) (2:01)
I'm supposed to meet my good friend David here
Did you happen to see him walking in?
I don't know everyone by name that comes in here, man
I'm gonna need a description
Well all right
His hair is stringy, probably matted with phlegm
Beady shifty eyes, a face a mother'd condemn
Carries the aroma of the shittiest pot
Sunken chested beer gutted face full of snot
Have you seen my good friend David here?
Have you seen my good friend David here?
Oh yeah, I did see a few guys come in that looked that way
Though you know, it's really kind of hard to say
So that i'm not sending you on any wild trails
Can you give me any more details?
Just by looking at him you can tell that he's trash
Probably ate a baby, fucked an animal's ass
Sculpted in the shape of fucking failure and hate
Tell me, have you seen him or is he running late?
Oh I know who you mean now
He got here ten minutes ago
He actually asked for you too
Though how he described you, you probably don't want to know

never performed live