Day 7979
written by: Jak Locke

from Prismatic Static (April 29th 2002) (2:00)
Wooden cane helpin me stand
Got nothin but this red guitar in my hand
Holdin a green pick and strummin it all day long
Makin up things off the top of my head, I can call em songs
And I'm smokin cigarettes with a red plastic lighter
And I'm gettin high and I'm about to get much higher
And then I lay back down on the wall with the plastic wallpaper fallin on my head
Make me wonder sometimes if I woke up dead
And if there's some place I should rather be instead but I'm not sure
I tell myself it's all in my head
And I'm smokin lead

It was about 11 at night and we showed up in Terrytown
But Nick was nowhere around
We went into his house, we grabbed all his stash
We sold it on the black market for some cash
And we went and we got some McDonalds and it was good
A Big Mac and fries just like we knew we should
Nutritional value: zero, but we don't really care

Good day roll call: Drugs, sex, booze
Trying to talk to Diana now
It's not gonna work, you'll blow your chance somehow (no, it won't work)

never performed live