written by: Jak Locke

from Prismatic Static (April 29th 2002) (2:05)
Donuts is what connect the whole world
I ain't never met nobody that don't like donuts, did you?
I didn't think so
You give everybody a donut, everybody be friends
Cuz they'll have something to talk about
They can talk about which donut is their favorite
And they don't care what the other favorites is
Cuz if they have their own favorite, they still together
Cuz they all like donuts
Even if somebody likes a donut that you don't like, I bet you still like a some type of donut
And that's where it's at
Cuz you can have all the donuts in the world
Connect the whole world together
It'll be good for everyone
Take Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat, Prime Minister Blair
And uh, Jiang from China and Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush
And Vicente Fox and all the others
You put em together and you give em a box of donuts
And they'll eat it and they'll like each other
And they don't care about the economies or the war or Jenin or any of that stuff no more
Cuz they'll be talkin about the world donut trade

(Donuts, donuts, donuts, donuts
With the powdered sugar and the glaze
Chocolate covered, chocolate glaze
Cake donuts, grape donuts, jelly donuts
Cream-filled donuts (cough cough) and uh...
Raisin donuts, mayonnaise and ketchup donuts
And um... soda donuts, water donuts
Electrical donuts
Donuts in the yard
Donuts gettin old and gettin hard
Donuts gettin stale
Donuts fillin up the jail
Donuts, the inmates all eat em and I eat em too
Donuts, I could be an inmate and so could you
Donuts, they're good and they taste like... donuts)

never performed live