Drowning Stone
written by: Jak Locke

from Shut Off (June 24th 2004) (4:57)
Lies paint the panorama of the young
Optimistic splatters on an effervescent canvas
The melodies of sirens I was sung
Return today in echoes of their euphemistic stanzas
To feed upon the lesser for the whole
Cut the excess being for the good of the collective
The dictates of the masses are your soul
Deny the mind to soar all for the preordained objective
Seek nothing, find nothing
It's all prepackaged for you from the self-proclaiming wise
Find nothing, speak nothing
Dwell on all the nothings let the weight preclude a rise

Losing ground and light as my choice
I walk to the edge with the road out of sight
Negate the proven right with my voice
I make my own path with the promise of flight
Suffered by the past far behind
I take the unknown in the full of my grasp
No more to linger or last self-consigned
On the banks of the Lethe where I once had been cast

Exhaustion for emptiness fills up my veins
Of passionless surfeit once before my eyes
Now beyond the hollow providers of rains
From here on we paint our own suns to rise
No guarantees but for the freedom whispers of the stones
On the trails of no direction we ascend
The silence as our guide beyond asylums of the known
We'll keep on going down until we reach the bitter end

never performed live
some lyrics taken from "Venom Spreads" (Songs For Cello At Night, May 16th 2004)