Every Man Has His Price
written by: Jak Locke

from Play Anyway (May 9th 2005) (1:33)
Sister, I see you falling down another rabbit hole
Another voice and another box of toys
I hear you loudly echoing your latest idol
How can something so empty make so much noise

Our masks had even fooled me for a while
We swallowed the facade of mirrors whole
But sister, I thought that you said you knew me
Brother Sisyphus knows it's just one more rock to roll

Sister Janus only wants what she can't have
Only happy when the sky is falling down
The ties that bind as sweet a joy to sever
Meanwhile I'm here still learning how to drown

Voice of an angel, words of a muse
The flame races down to the end of the fuse
Sprawled on the tiles, blood in the sink
Signed off to hell from the veins choking ink
Corpse in the casket, broken guitar
It’s better for everyone, better by far
The price has been set, the debt still to pay
I can't understand where we lost our way

never performed live