written by: Jak Locke

from Passive Blue (April 5th 1999) (4:07)
She used to pass me everyday
And I'd look her over in every way
And I'd wish and pray she'd notice me
Built up the courage and the gall
Gave her my number and she called
Don't that beat all, she noticed me

She's such a pretty sight
And if I play my cards right
Deep down I know
I know that with me she'll go

Now we've been talking for a while
She glances at me and I smile
I'd walk the mile to be with her
This girl's so beautiful and sweet
The kind of chick you'd like to meet
She's the one for me, now that's for sure

I am so high above
I'm sure that I'm in love
Deep down I know
I know that she'll never go

I bought her rings, I bought her flowers
I bought her a brand new sports car
I bought her all that she asked me to
She took the jewelry, ditched the plants
She sold the car and went to France
And now she's gone and I feel screwed

You could easily say
It's better that she went away
True but in a sense
I'm worse off since she went

earliest live performance: December 31st 1997