Golden Day
written by: Jak Locke

from Shut Off (June 24th 2004) (5:08)
I met you on a golden day asking me if I'd lost my way
Time took toll and through the mist firestorms graze the flesh that you kissed
Through my mind and out my door, telling me things I've heard before
Murder time and open wide, love will change you from inside
Metal screws inside my head waking up like the sainted dead
Devil lies, my stripped-down vice, steal my eyes and kill me twice
Drained, immobile, solitary, black widow's silent treachery
Upside down and all drugged out, tell me all til I start to shout
About you and your blasphemous sweetness wrapped in lace
I can taste, oh the taste of your sweet nothing

Pages of the calendar wrapped like paper nooses to her
Make me beg for every crumb, be my vomitorium
Be my muse and be my guide, lock me up while I'm still inside
Bring me down and take me out, drink my pride and fill me with doubt
Tell me that you belong to me while shades from before hold your company
Circuit breaker, burnt out fuse, goin where there ain't nothin to lose
Sink the ship and wield the whip until the thrill fades from your grip
Make me smile through broken teeth, toss the anchor far beneath
Beneath you and your beggar's riches wrapped in gold
I could hold, oh could hold you while you killed me

Make me feel that it's my day, make it all go away
I can't hear a thing you say, gunpowder stains the grass where I lay
Down the path where echoes stray, choose the rock to which you will pray
I'd give up all for just one ray of the sun from that golden day

earliest live performance: June 19th 2002