Here You Come Again
written by: Jak Locke

from All Our Sunlight Scattered (December 16th 2002) (2:38)
Well I can't believe you when you tell me that you're not like that no more
Just can't get it out my mind what happened last time you came in through my door
You ask me if anybody still has respect for you after you went and told all your friends
Well I do remember having respect for you at one time, but me, I just can't remember when
Now you ask me if I got some change to spare, or maybe some food that I ain't about to eat
Well I tell you my dear, you can sit at the table over there, right there, yeah, go find your seat
My place ain't changed much since last time, it's about the same, you can tell me how it looks
Well if you're gonna sit there baby, don't insult your host, and don't tell me how I cook
Now stay away from my bedroom, I see you eyeing it even now
Maybe you don't, but I remember what happened last time, just not how
I don't have the stomach for it, I don't see any candles lit
Been there, done that, and I don't need your benefits
Well I'm sitting across from you, and you're telling me your life
I don't want to hear it baby
Yes you're sitting across from me, and you're asking for a knife
Do you think I'm stupid or something?
I think it's time for you to leave, no, I'll get the dishes myself
You'd just be in the way
So go make up what happened tonight and tell all your friends
And I'm sure I'll see you back here some other day

earliest live performance: April 4th 2002