Hole In My Pocket
written by: Jak Locke

from Other Streets (December 30th 2001) (3:25)
Ain’t got no more time, ain’t got nothin to do
Ain’t got no more time to waste on you
Ain’t got no mind to be paying to you
As broke as my wallet is, that’s how broke I am for you too

Ain’t got no time for you, ain’t got no time for you
Ain’t got no time for you baby, said I ain’t got no time for you
I spent my last quarter, I spent my last dime
Tryin to get away from you, gettin drunk all the time

I'll spend my last dollar, spend my last nickel too
I’ll spend all sorts of money I ain’t even got if it means I can stay away from you

St. Peter heard me callin, he said "What you got your business here for?"
I said, "Can you hide me in there?
As long as you don’t let her through your door"

earliest live performance: September 27th 2002