I Got Nothin
written by: Jak Locke

version 1:
from Seed (October 12th 2001) (6:13)
Ah, no

I got nothin, I got nothin, I got nothin
I got nothin, I got nothin, no
Oh I got nothin
Bang my head against the wall
Try to convince myself that my problems can be small

My love got caught by stretches and stains
I said my love is gone, stretched and stained
It's no surprise to me, I throw my future down the drain
Right down the drain

Brown water leakin in
Leavin a ring around the collar of the sink or the shower or the toilet bowl
And I don't know why that I keep doin this
But I think I'll just stick my head right down in that hole and breathe deeply now

Got to, I wanna get drunk but I
I can't handle it cuz I
I broke my stomach lining

Ah, ain't nothin left, nah, no more, not nothin no more
Nothin no more...

Yeah there ain't nothin happenin
Ain't got no time to turn the key to lock my door no more
No, there ain't nothin that I treasure anymore
There ain't nothin even worth it
Ain't nothin worth my time
Ain't nothin on the phone
Ain't nothin on the bed
Ain't nothin all the time
Ain't nothin in my head
There ain't anything in my checkbook
Nothin in my wallet
Ain't got no cash, ain't got no car
Ain't got no gas, ain't got no juice no more
And I just like to feel this pain so sore

version 2:
from Songs For Cello At Night (May 16th 2004) (1:42)
I got nothin
I got nothin
I got nothin
I got nothin

I got nothin
I got nothin

I got nothin

never performed live