I'm Going Down
written by: Jak Locke

from Dusk Segment (October 2nd 2001) (3:11)
I’m goin down, I’m gonna go down
I’m know I’m goin down for the fourth time

I got my keyring in my hand
So I can open the door there in that whitened land
Mississippi red when I got that flashlight in my head
And I’ma get one, got a flashlight head

Lord knows that I’m goin down
I know I'm goin down
Got my leather wallet in the afterlife or am I gonna have to leave it layin around
I'm goin down
Ain’t nobody comin with me, I gotta do this on my own while I'm so stoned
I’m goin down

Yeah uh uh yeah goin down, down

There’s nobody watchin
There’s, there’s nobody watchin
I’ll never feel the air conditioner again or see the chessboard
Or, uh, well, watch the VCR
Or uh, I gotta go, I’m, I need to, I’m too busy dying

never performed live