written by: Jak Locke

from Lifelike Sounds (November 30th 2023) (3:36)
When the wheels have fell off a mile ago
I can still drag what's left now back home
And I don't even know how to give it up
There's still too much I wanna see
Even if it's only me alone

Nothing that's never gonna go
Everything temporary, that much is necessary
What's there to miss if it ain't so?
Too much ahead, too much behind, out of time
I was designed to stay aligned out of time
A history to sever, a mystery we never had a reason to think that before

All the fair weather friendships that I have found
Far further away than I appear
I will know where my walls can open up
Long before a consequence
Gone before any defense should appear

Never know who is gonna show
Back from the past I'm sure it could be the last time
What's there to miss if it ain't so?
We'll get it right, maybe tonight, maybe not
Nothing but heights ahead in sight
I have got a vision to view clear
I'm leaving my blues here, better ways I can feel

I don't mind if I don't find my way back where I been again
All I done adds up to one
I'll bring it all until I hit the end
Something I can't see ahead of me, but I know soon I'll be there
Want to end up everywhere

never performed live