Isn't It Just Like September
written by: Jak Locke

from Rain Cabinet (February 23rd 2007) (5:35)
Freedom comes in blue moon tides and brought on an Orion breeze
The lockspring I anticipated faded six days past release
Now cages of a new design are calling from behind the mirror
But good girls never come around here

The telephones are scarred with guilt of ecstasy laid full and bare
And throwaway Rimbaud and Nietzsche hang stale in the steaming air
I guess to anybody else the folly would be screaming clear
Because good girls never come around here

So sing it sweetheart, write your diary out loud
We're only young and stupid behind this false poetic shroud

Awkward in the afternoon the smoke speaks more than her and I
Tied by tongues then tongue-tied with nothing left to say but goodbye
I watch her go and now I know for certain why I hold it dear
That good girls never come around here

never performed live