written by: Jak Locke

from The Wreckage, The Yield, And A Place I Can Crawl Up From (August 17th 2018) (4:06)
Biding time until the tale's abruptly over
Now we mourn and wish that we had gotten closer, yes we will
All the worth of yesterday comes clear tomorrow
Will we spend it banking time for sake of sorrow, as we do?

It's easy enough to say that you know there'll come a day
When what you take for granted's gonna be taken away
But my friend, these are things we will never get again

Meanwhile, she says, "I woke up with zero confidence today
I tell myself this happens to everyone
But when it's said with such little confidence
It's hard to believe from such an unsure one"
He says, "If what defines me now had defined me then
My life would have been a lot easier
I'll probably be saying the same thing
In ten years about right now too"
They say, "If I'm still around somehow, I'll see you then"
Woe, woe

Cuz when we found each other we were looking for naught
And if we look we'll find we found exactly what we sought
But maybe that's too honest, keep it unspoken
So we can keep competing who's the most broken

I can feel we're on the cusp of the brink of the edge
Of an inkling of a feeling like we're nearing to the ledge
Of the possibility that me and you unwillingly
Could maybe accidentally let on what we might really be

But that's a chapter for someone more well adjusted
Wondering what that freedom's like as we discussed it/disgusted, and we are
Air behind the mask, if stifling, is familiar
Helps to focus the dark lines in clouds of silver that we mar

Meanwhile, he says, "I woke up with someone else's life today
If I can change my circles then they'll never know
And if I fake it long enough I'll start to believe it
Around the time I'll feel it's started losing the glow"
She says, "I've got to leave this behind
I think I'm losing my mind
There must be so much more I could be doing
If only I'd been more selective, I'd be less defective
Closer to my objective when I leave these losers"
They say, "If I'm still around somehow, I'll see you then"
Oh woe, woe

never performed live