It's The Nights That Kill Me
written by: Jak Locke

from 365 Eulogies (March 26th 2012) (4:44)
Regardless of whoever this song has made its way to
I wouldn't wish the music in my head on you
Oh, if you could hear the monologues I say to me
Infinite repetitious volumes of soliloquy, ohhh
It would blow your mind
It blows my mind

Thirty hours and I'm far from sleeping
Wearing out the floor and thinking this'll be the minute it changes
Half the time I think I'll wake up younger
And even as I'm saying that, I know that it's ridiculous
but lately I find it harder to care if I come off strange

I've learned not to get comfortable anymore
any resemblance makes obscene the thrill that lived before
It's a special kind of hell to think you've found your place
And you believe the smile that you painted on your face, ohhh
Until you realize where it all went wrong

I found you never really can get over it
The most that you can hope for is that you can learn to turn it off
And still you know it's gonna find its way back
No matter how you turn it in your mind you're gonna find
That every crest you end up riding's always followed by a deeper trough

And if I keep my distance, don't take it to heart
I always knew what's best for you and I'm just playing my part
Besides, the closer that we get, the more complex I'll be
And I don't need to hear another person telling me, ohhh
"I liked you better before I knew you so well"

Another tragedy, so what's the difference?
I hate to have to say it, but it's easier to swallow each time
And one day I'm gonna end up choking
Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not before I'm dead
Maybe I should have listened to me and kept all this in my head
Because you didn't ask to hear this, you just want to hear me make words rhyme

Momma, it's the nights that kill me
Momma, it's the nights that kill me
Momma, it's the nights that kill me

earliest live performance: April 15th 2011