I Will Remain
written by: Jak Locke

from Jak Locke Goes Too Far (December 18th 2012) (1:48)
If on the day we met you had one hour left to live before away you'd waste
Really, nothing for me would change, and that's really not too strange
Cuz I'd have no idea that was the case

If you went and killed yourself because of some depression
That you were too depressed to get diagnosed
You'd have nothing to fear for I would still be here
I swear I'd even help you overdose

And if you were cut to ribbons in a sawmill
Or if you got yourself impaled upon a pike
I'd love you still, no doubt
Even with your intestines hanging out
I swear to you my love, that's what I like

I swear to you I wouldn't ever cry, not even if you died
Not even if you died
Not even if you died
Not even if you died

never performed live