Job's Wednesday Blues
written by: Jak Locke

from All Our Sunlight Scattered (December 16th 2002) (3:16)
I was running for the door with Mary on the line
She wanted to know exactly what I did with all the wine
I told her with a breath that I gave it to the priest
Who comes to see me every day and if I'm still not deceased
My girl gave me the world, I thought it was a kiss
Til I realized that I got the world the same way as Atlas
It's seven in the morning but it really feels like five
And here comes Henry Kissinger just to prove I'm still alive

I stopped at Caderousse's for a night so I could rest
He charged me eighty dollars, fifty cents to be his guest
I crawled up the stairs, nearly passed out going up
Up in my room was Richard Reid trying to blow it up
I asked him what his problem was and if he knew it wasn't a plane
He immediately apologized and he left without his brain

I heard some noises downstairs and someone screamed a curse
I crawled out of the window on the roof and saw a hearse
Andrea Cavalcanti knocked me over about then
He excused himself politely and he went through the roof again
I couldn't get my balance so I fell down on the floor
Right down on to Nixon who was walking out the door
I apologized profusely to the former president
Who left muttering about some foreign accident

The police sirens came wailing and they stopped in front of the inn
I quickly walked away not caring at all what happened then
About this time my shoulders started aching from the weight
Of the world which my girl had given me on our last date
I looked for some assistance but found Samson there instead
And I asked if he could loan me some of the hair from off his head
Samson laughed and asked if I was kidding with a grin
So I went to find Delilah so she could help me out again

earliest live performance: April 4th 2002