Junk In My Trunk
written by: Jak Locke

from Bloom (June 4th 2002) (3:13)
Well you got your junk in my trunk your broken blow dryer
And your cassette tapes they got me higher when I smoked them
Before I gave it to the trash man or the pawn shop

You got trash bags all over the floor
And you asked me if I could spare some room for storage

You got junk in my trunk you got junk in the box
You got junk in the drawer where I keep my socks
And you got your underwear all up in the dryer
You should take it out some time
Cuz it don't fit me
It don't fit me
It don't fit me and you put on weight so it don't fit you no more no no

Now I really didn't mind when you pulled your weight
You bought all sorts of stuff like the bait when you asked me to go catch some food
Since you didn't want to pull out your purse to pay for it
Well, I got friends like you I got enough of them to where I can say I've got a lot of friends
But you got my junk in my trunk like your old cans that you drank from
And then you left em half full and they fell over whenever somebody was taking a turn
My amp got burned out because you spilled Diet Coke all over it

You got junk in my trunk, your old waxy earplugs that you left in
They covered with bugs
And your old time mattress that you used to use
Cuz you thought there'd be some room

You got junk in my trunk, all the bibles that the old men gave you on the corner of the street
I don't want em, I got enough, because they gave em to me too

You got junk in my trunk like the old TV and your VCR and your CD collection
But nobody wants em because nobody listens to Bad Company that I know
And nobody listens to Culture Club either

You got junk in my trunk
Script pages from your friend who writes movies and plays
And you tell me that he's going somewhere and I'm not (I'm not)

You got junk in my trunk, the old trashbag
You got everything look like a drag
And you smoke dope and heroin and crack and you didn't even save any for me
So I got all sorts of crack stains all over the seat

You got junk in my trunk like the old Palmpilot
Made me drop my tape recorder and I smiled and I said
That's enough anyway I'm running out of stuff
Kicked yourself around and you liked it

never performed live