Love Like Blade To Marrow
written by: Jak Locke

from Flower of Flesh and Bone (October 7th 2008) (2:33)
the mirror doesn't match my face
she cries vivid pain in the throes of dead love
she never understood
i never understood
things were better then

corruptible as killers
watching my cold air in the violent streetlight midnight
destructive lover breathed a seventh farewell
in the backseat where promises of dying resound
under drones of deathbirds in the sky
wandering hangmen waiting for someone
anyone at all

i was lying paling in the mausoleum vineyards
surrounded by chalk outlines of the martyrs
sifting through spoiled grapes and counting blades of grass
you sat breathing audibly and visibly in the cold
frost pale arms and painted claws
regaling me of what i've seen before
and again
and again

we pick the carcass of the dreams that rot
we turn the knife like cannibals to stab our dying meat
complacent riding the rail from beginning to beginning
i have seen the creation
watching the rain dry on the stones that await to be conglomerated to my headstone
pale carrion in the silent bayou midnight
codeine dreams of violation and depravity in drag swallowing rosestems
tear me open and let the dead leaves fall
as i wake whisper a socratic hymn to my ears
a funeral dirge in minor tones of ironic clairvoyance
we drift along the black rivers destroying everything so beautifully beyond any grave shadow
i see now
shadows are dead without the sun

i want to see liquid grey and splintered spines
i was picking the feathers off your discarded wings
my dead seraphim
my beautiful lucifer angel

never performed live