Minus One
written by: Jak Locke

from The Gone (July 25th 2000) (3:24)
When the wind touches where you once had been, cold and lonesome yet I remember when
You and I and the sunlight we were in, glare masking shadows waiting past the end

Now the calendar don't turn a page at all, clock hand forever glued to the wall
All out of time, now it doesn't even crawl, nothing left to hold now but what I recall

Obsessed with the fall and wondering just where, though even if I knew it won't change this affair
Filled up whole by the void in my care, moreso now that you're not, you're there

A touch so soft leaves a pain this hard, I can't begin to know how far this scattered the shards
I'll dream when I was yours while I tend to my scars, there's numbers less than zero, lower by far

earliest live performance: February 4th 2000