written by: Jak Locke

from Obelisk (February 24th 1999) (4:16)
The rudder turned but by someone else's hand
The crew looked around, not sure what had gone down
Only the first mate did truly understand
And the second mate, but he was gagged and bound
In the hold beneath the deck where no one was sure to check
Vicious rumors were elect of the mate's lack of respect

Young Jones up in the crow's nest kept his view upon the sea
When Old Jim Bones told him "Come on down, boy
Go below deck and bring up us some whiskey"
What he saw was quite a shock
The second mate stuffed in a box
The other's body cold as rock
The hold door slammed and then was locked

And Old Jim Bones in the sunlight making sure he had a clear shot
Fired his pistol into the back of Smithy
Smithy fell over, dead on the spot
And the mutiny carried on til the final outsider was gone
But unknown to them there was one who was not so easily done

Jim Bones, the first mate and the cook
Their fate was set by Eagle Eye
They never saw that it was comin
Left on an island for to die
And this also sealed his own fate
But now it was too late
He couldn't go back home at any rate
It'd look like he'd have done what they'd

So he cast the sails westward to uncharted lands that way
Ravens were flyin round the spires that came out the water grey
He walked over to the bow, saw this omen, thought "What now"
But that was all his mind allowed
There was no turnin back anyhow

And the wind blows all around him as the sails go flowin by
He will go where the sea takes him
And he'll keep goin til he die
Sailin further from his home
Ever more to roam
Yet even the sea turns to foam
His journey ends here alone alone alone alone alone

never performed live