No, I Mean She Really Is Crazy
written by: Jak Locke

from Jak Locke Goes Too Far (December 18th 2012) (3:24)
So it's that time of year again to drink all the beer again because you spoke your mind
How could you be so rude, you knew she's been in a bad mood because she's in one all the time
But that ringing in your ears, it's got to cease
And you'd do anything if she'll just give you peace
So just say that you're sorry, if you don't know why, don't worry, just go win your sweetheart back

The traffic was insane but then you found an open lane and now you're home with your paycheck
But instead of friendly greetings, you're receiving screams and beatings and a knife against your neck
"It's another woman!" she says in a voice filled with hate
"Why else would you walk in here three minutes late?"
Before she opens up your jugular just hand the paycheck bucks to her and win your sweetheart back

You've been under lots of stress and so some cardiac arrest has nearly stopped your life today
While they were doing surgery, it was on your anniversary and now there's hell to pay
So she tore out all your stitches and demands a night out as you hold your insides in with your left hand
But you only need one hand to drive so suck it up and look alive and go and win your sweetheart back

Oh buddy, why'd you do it? Things were great and then you blew it, now she's ironing your face
You get a sentimental feeling as she lifts you to the ceiling with a punch below the waist
She motions toward the stove with a gun
And you don't even know what it is you done
But if you want to feel her lovin, better climb into that oven so you'll win your sweetheart back

She finally had enough and so she's turned to playing rough and now she chainsawed off your leg
While scrambling for a ligature you bled on all the furniture so her forgiveness you should beg
But you consider that, just maybe, this is bad
That was the only left leg you ever had
But so you'll have a little limp, now buddy don't be such a wimp, just go and win your sweetheart back
Win your sweetheart back

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